If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that there are a lot of entertaining, funny, touching and fascinating blogs out there, written by a host of talented bloggers. That fact was underscored by a recent project we took on with the Milk Mustache team – asking a group of 50 bloggers to share their reading lists of the blogs that start their day right (while relaxing over their morning latte, of course).


If you’ve been looking for a great blog – or a hundred – to scope out on a daily basis, click through the links below to get a few recommendations. We are certain you’ll find something you like!


Thank you to all of the wonderful women who participated in this campaign to honor their favorite bloggers, and to the Milk Mustache team for making it possible.


Go get yourself a latte while you peruse these suggestions! Click through for the reading recommendations from:


Adrienne, The Mommy Mess


Alicia, Making Time for Mommy


Amy, MomSpark


Amy, Grinning Cheek to Cheek


Amy, The Lacks Boat


Angela, Angela’s Analysis


Arianah, One Little Mom


Bridgette, The Experimental Mommy


Connie, Brain Foggles


Courtney, My Crazy Savings


Crystal, Kid Things


Danielle, Happenings of the Harper Household


Debbi, Debbi Does Dinner Healthy


Diane, Dollops of Diane


Emily, Busy Mommy


Gina, Chic Homeschool Mama


Hanan, Lilac City Momma


Heather, Rookie Moms


Jamie, Roubinek Reality


Janel, A Mom’s Take


Jennifer, Redhead Ranting


Jennifer, The Dirty t-Shirt


Jennifer, Just Jennifer


Kate, The Guavalicious Life


Kenda, Remaking June Cleaver


Kim, Mommycosm


Lauren, Crazy About My Baybah


Laurie, Guessing All the Way


Leila, Life as Leels


Lisa, Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!


Liz, Thoughts of a Mommy


Louise, MomStart


Melanie, Melanie in the Middle


Meredith, The Mom of the Year


Mimi, Woven by Words


Misty, Giveaways & Glitter


Natalie, Mommy of a Monster and Twins


Nicole, Pretty Opinionated


Rachel, Running Rachel


Rachel, Mom Colored Glasses


Sarah, Sunnyside Up


Sia, Thrifty Northwest Mom


Stephanie, Trying to Be Super-Mom


Steph, A Grande Life


Tonya, Create-Celebrate-Explore


Valerie, Mom Knows It All


Whitney, It’s Gravy, Baby!


Xenia, Thanks, Mail Carrier