Today in The Motherhood, author Kimberly Willis discussed the unique tips and tricks she outlines in her new book, The Little Book of Diet Help, with a fantastic group of bloggers, including Joey, Real Mom Media; Staci, November Sunflower; Shanna, Motherhood on the Rocks; and Steph, A Grande Life.


“My book is a portable diet coach. It can work with your lifestyle and help you to break the emotional chains which are attaching you to that excess weight,” Kimberly explained.


“I know that with the plan I’m on, it’s definitely a lifestyle change. I also like to call it a weight loss journey,” agreed Stephanie of A Grande Life.



Addressing Food Emotions


“I wondered if any of you have ever been on a diet and found that either you gained the weight straight back on – or that you just couldn’t seem to shift it in the first place?” asked Kimberly. “This happens to most of the people I work with. They know what they need to do – but there are emotional issues, habits and food rules that need to be dealt with.”


“I agree. Emotional. I lost 40 pounds. AHEM. Gained 60. And I wonder why?!?!?! I know why. I eat for comfort. BAD,” replied Joey, Real Mom Media.


The emotions and habits tied to food differ from person to person. In Kimberly’s own experience, “it was understanding the food/mood links. Realising that what I was eating changed the way I felt. For example loads of sugar would give me a buzz then cause my mood and energy to crash. Eating foods that support the feel good chemicals in your brain can really help – like turkey, almonds, bananas, etc.”


Beating the Cravings


Kimberly had a few suggestions for decreasing the intensity of food cravings: “If it’s an emotional craving – rub the area under your nose and above your top lip for a minute or two. This is a soothing acupressure point,” she suggested.


For sugar cravings, “you can try this tip – rub the cartilage at the front of your ear between your thumb and first finger for a minute or two. You will find your craving is much less,” Kimberly added.


Helping Yourself Eat Healthy


“Education and understanding how the food you eat affects you is key,” Kimberly said.


Shanna of Motherhood on the Rocks goes without.  “I have to keep unhealthy foods out of my house. Out of sight, out of mind.”


“Learning more about what I’m putting into my body helps a lot,” added Staci of November Sunflower. “And not depriving myself of anything I really want. I eat clean, but I still enjoy some not so healthy stuff once in a while.”


Avoiding junk food deprivation is important, according to Kimberly Willis. She agreed with Staci, “It’s best never to ban foods. Forbidding a food just makes you think about it more and more – then you have some and feel like you are a failure. Allowing yourself a bit of the food you crave is good, then you can get on with your day!”


Boosting Energy to Avoid Lazy Eating


“You totally need to get rest at night. It’s when your body heals itself,” said Stephanie of A Grande Life.


And many in the group echoed the sentiment expressed by Tammy of Tammy’s Two Cents: “If I am tired or stressed I eat poorly.”


If you feel your energy flagging during the day, “for a quick energy boost, try standing up (if you are not too tired) and marching swinging opposite arms – then change and swing the same arms as legs,” advised Kimberly. “Do this for a couple of minutes and you will boost your energy.”


Staying on Track


Kimberly and the blogger co-hosts provided good general advice.


1) Believe in yourself. “Have you ever thought about your beliefs? Some key beliefs that can cause problems for weight loss are ‘I will always be big’ ‘Diets don’t work for me’ ‘I always gain the weight back,'” Kimberly pointed out.


2) Drink lots of water. “It really helps to fill you up and flush out the toxins,” said Shanna of Motherhood on the Rocks.


3) Mental tools. “I try to think of one thing every day that has or will bring positive change into my life (even if its something silly like new mascara that makes me feel pretty). I also rely on inspirational quotes a lot,” said mommabrown08.


4) The right food. “Lean meats, whole grains, lots of vegetables, low glycemic foods in general,” Becki advised.


5) An exercise that fits your lifestyle. “If I get outside for a walk or go to yoga, I crave healthy foods afterward. If I don’t, my cravings lean toward chocolate and other sweets,” noted Emily of The Motherhood.