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How bloggers and their families are making healthy oral care a lifetime habit

A fabulous team of The Motherhood bloggers today kicked off the LISTERINE® Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge 2012. Get ready for beautiful, sparkling, HEALTHY smiles across the nation, folks.   For three weeks, the bloggers and their families are challenged to commit to healthy oral care habits – and they are already […]

Navigating Hypothyroidism

About seven years ago, a few months after my youngest was born, I started to notice my hair was getting thinner, my hands and feet were constantly ice cold – even on hot days, I was anxious, tired, could not sleep, I had really weird heart palpitations and I was gaining weight. I was also […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! What is your “Color of Love”?

Hi all, we wanted to share this cute Facebook App from our friends at Olympic Paint in honor of Valentine’s Day: What is the Color of Love?   What color do you think represents amore? I picked Calypso Berry because it reminds me of a romantic dining room in Paris somewhere! How about you? You […]

Watching “I Am”

I just finished watching the documentary I Am and, if you haven’t already seen it, it’s awesome, and I thought you might want to watch it over the weekend, too (it’s on OnDemand, iTunes etc.)  I hope it leaves you with as many thoughts, feelings and ideas swirling around in your heart as are in mine […]

Sending All Our Love to Audrey and Matt

Our dear friend Audrey McClelland needs our thoughts and prayers. Her husband Matt was rushed into emergency surgery yesterday to remove a tumor on his bowel. We love Audrey and her family so much and wish so much we could wrap our arms around her right now. We’re sending prayers and warm, loving, healing thoughts […]

Join Us This Week For An Awesome Line-Up Of Live Talks!

This week brings us Live Talks that cover the gamut and then some. Get ready for a fabulous week of amazing experts, a variety of topics and LOTS of valuable conversation and information! Join us!   Monday, January 30, 1 pm EST – MAKING TECH WORK FOR YOU WITH CARLEY FROM DIGITWIRL Carley Knobloch, host […]

Parental Controls Bootcamp with DadLabs’ Clay Nichols – Today @ 1 pm ET

Join us today for a Talk that can’t be missed. DadLabs creator Clay Nichols will be leading an all star line-up for Parental Control Bootcamp: eProofing the Kids’ Technology. Clay and his co-hosts will share their tips and insights on how to actually put into place all the great parental control mechanisms the geeks build […]

Global Motherhood – We Can All Be “Village Reporters”

In honor of today’s launch of the Global Motherhood platform on the Huffington Post, I have a post up there about the “village reporters” we met in Kenya this summer.   Through a program with the US Centers for Disease Control, the village reporters travel day after day and mile after mile to visit new […]

Brilliant Avenue

The Motherhood lives on Brilliant Avenue. It’s true, and we like to think it was meant to be. With all the love, heart, creativity and smarts this community shares in your posts, comments to each other and the projects we do together – it is altogether perfect that this is where The Motherhood makes her […]

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