As colleagues, friends and first-time moms, The Motherhood’s Brittnee and Brittney often turn to each other for advice, recommendations and support on everything related to raising little ones. New mom must-haves is a common watercooler topic in our office!

With summer being the top season for births in the U.S., Britt & Britt thought now would be the perfect time for a round-up of favorite items that they often share with others. As members of an award-winning social media marketing agency that connects influential moms with top consumer brands, we are in a unique position of learning about the latest and greatest products and services that make families’ lives just a little bit easier, and several of our favorite partners are included below.

Brittnee’s Top Picks

VTech montior: one of our new mom must-haves

Image courtesy of Meghan, JaMonkey

When she was expecting, Britt put a video monitor on the very top of her shopping list. However, once her son became more mobile, he thought he’d demonstrate his growing strength and dexterity by pulling the camera off the wall and throwing it across the room, rendering it useless. When Britt was researching replacement options, VTech monitors* rose to the top of her list. The VTech Safe and Sound Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor checked all of the boxes of features she was looking for: high-res video, pan/zoom/tilt capabilities, night vision and a talk-back option. She’s already scouting locations in her house to install additional camera units, which will be incredibly helpful as her little one puts his newly acquired walking skills to use!

The MamaRoo by 4Moms was an absolute live-saver for Britt! Her son loved the rocking and swaying motions (the “kangaroo” setting was his favorite), and it was often the only way she could overcome his resistance to nap in those early days.

Many a skeptical parent has resisted this one (Britt even originally removed it from her registry because after reading about it she couldn’t fathom using it!), but she later ran out and bought one at the start of her little man’s first cold. She learned firsthand the NoseFrida “The Snotsucker” Nasal Aspirator is a must. Don’t ask, just do it.

When baby’s tummy was upset, Colic Calm was the gentlest, most effective, all-natural solution Britt found. She now gifts this to every new mom she knows! Pro tip: put a bib on your baby when delivering the drops. The product is very dark and can stain clothing.

Those first few months with a newborn can be difficult, beautiful, magical, frustrating, confusing and sometimes isolating — all at the same time. Britt recommends taking a look at the Covey app* for help. Covey is a way to meet other parents based on interests, location and kids’ ages. It’s a nice low-pressure way to connect with others, get advice and share experiences in a supportive, online environment. If you want to take your digital friendships to “real life” friendships, it’s easy to find info on local playdates, family-friendly activities and meet-ups. Covey is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Brittney’s New Mom Must-Haves

MiMedia: one of our new mom must-haves

Image courtesy of Julie, Mommie Cooks

When you take a series of 40+ photos of your child’s first taste of solid food and you can’t bear to delete a single imperfect shot even though your phone is nearly out of space, there’s an elegant solution to this storage dilemma: MiMedia*, a personal cloud that organizes and stores digital files in one safe, secure spot. Britt has been using MiMedia for several weeks and notes that it’s the most simple, user-friendly solution she’s found — and she’s tried many! It’s unbelievably easy to use, even for the most sleep-deprived of parents. It’s well-worth taking a few seconds to sign up online and download the app. Use the code TheMotherhood for a free 10GB account!

Speaking of apps, Britt and her husband couldn’t live without the Baby Connect app, especially during the first few months after their daughter was born. BabyConnect provides a super simple way to track daily activities from feedings to diaper changes, as well as milestones and growth stats. You can even download charts and graphs so you can see trends and patterns over time. The list of features is impressive, and data can sync to more than one mobile device.

After taking turns staying awake holding their newborn all night for the first week after they came home from the hospital, Britt and her husband knew they had to find something their daughter would sleep in. The flat bassinet earned a hard “no” from their daughter and the crib in the next room might as well have been a mile away. However, once they tried the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, the game was officially changed. Parents, the reviews are true: the Rock ‘n Play is indeed made with sleepy dust!

Butt Paste: one of our new mom-haves

Image courtesy of April, April Golightly

No diaper bag or changing table is complete without Butt Paste*. These colorful tubes of ointment kick rash like nothing else! Free from harsh ingredients, Butt Paste saves those baby buns from the 3Ps — parabens, preservatives and phthalates — earning it an A+ in Britt’s book. She always includes a few tubes into baby shower gifts. Are you a #ButtPasteMom, too?

We know 82 percent** of parents would do almost anything to avoid long lines at fast food restaurants when they have children in tow, and Britt is one of them! When all she hears from the back seat of the car is “Snaaack! Snaaack!” Britt knows she needs to find some waffle fries and chicken strips NOW. One of Britt’s best mom-to-mom tips is to download the Chick-fil-A* ONE mobile app. This awesome app allows you to order and pay for food in advance, meaning you can bypass the line at the register or minimize time in the drive-thru. This is a seriously awesome perk, especially if you visit during busy lunch and dinner times, because everyone knows toddlers don’t wait for food. Click over to iTunes or Google Play and download this lifesaver today!

What are your new mom must-haves? We’d love to hear what you couldn’t live without. Share your suggestions via the comments. Another mom out there just may discover her new favorite product.

* Indicates the brand is a partner of The Motherhood. All opinions are our own and none of the content is meant to be medical advice. Be sure to contact your healthcare provider for recommendations specific to your family.
**According to a recent survey commissioned by Chick-fil-A.