The Motherhood team shares their favorite holiday traditions.

As 2016 comes to a close and the holidays draw near, The Motherhood team has been talking about our favorite holiday traditions and pastimes, swapping stories and ideas. We’d love to hear yours, too!

The Motherhood CEO Cooper Munroe told us, “Every year since I can remember, our family has celebrated Christmas with a big, beautiful dinner of Beef Bourguignon (aka Beef Burgundy). This recipe on Beef It’s What’s For Dinner is very similar to my grandmother’s version, and I highly recommend it for a wonderfully delicious and festive dinner!”

Other team members shared the following holiday stories:


“My husband and I have always picked a night in December to grab a coffee and drive around to all the nearby neighborhoods to check out Christmas lights. Over the years, we’ve established our own driving tour of must-see neighborhoods. This year, we get to share our tradition with our little man. Lucky for us, he’s currently infatuated with Christmas lights, so we think he’ll enjoy the evening just as much as we do!”


“Every year before Christmas, all of my cousins get together to bake and decorate Christmas-themed sugar cookies! Our decorating skills have improved significantly since we started doing this when I was five.”


“The Italian side of my family celebrates the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. This is a Roman Catholic tradition rooted in the idea of Christmas Eve being a day of abstaining from red meat — hence the menu filled with seafood. Our exact roster of fishes changes a little bit each year, but it always includes baccala, which is a salted cod. It’s a lot of fun to help prepare, and I’ve picked up some of my best cooking secrets from our family’s multi-generational kitchen crew!”


“When I was a kid and my family went on vacation or experienced a milestone (such as adopting our dog into the family), my parents would buy my brother and me each a Christmas ornament for the tree — something to represent that trip or experience, like a snowman dressed as the Statue of Liberty from a trip to New York City. We would unwrap them on Christmas morning, which was a special way to remember that particular trip and the time we had spent together, and then every year after that, we got to unwrap them again as we took our ornaments out of storage and hung them on the tree. As a result, when I left home and started buying Christmas trees of my own, I already had a box of unique ornaments filled with family memories that I could use to decorate. I’ve continued that tradition with my husband, and my favorite part of the season is getting out that box of ornaments and taking a trip down memory lane.”


“When I was younger, my family would watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year (my dad’s favorite movie!) from our sleeping bags on the living room floor. It was always so fun to then sleep next to the lit Christmas tree.”


“My husband and I both have large families, so our Christmas Day is jam-packed: we typically travel to four Christmas celebrations around town. One of my favorite traditions that we’ve had for years is having our own low-key celebration the day after Christmas. We make brunch, exchange our own gifts by the fire and spend the day in pajamas (a screening of Home Alone is also often involved). This year, I’m excited to introduce our little one to this relaxing tradition!”

holiday traditionsThe Motherhood wishes you and your families a warm, safe and happy holiday season!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Share with us in the comments!