The Motherhood is already off to an amazing start in the New Year! We are excited about the current direction of influencer marketing, and we can’t wait to explore ways to continue building relationships with new and old partners alike. As we move forward into 2017, we’ve been reflecting on how much we’ve learned in the last year, much of which we shared in previous posts. In case you missed them, we’ve recapped some of our most-viewed influencer marketing blog posts from 2016 here:

#8: Measurement Monday: Defining Your Campaign Success Metrics

We launched our Measurement Monday series last year to uncover how best to measure the success of influencer marketing. The first step? Defining your goals! Because if you don’t know exactly what you should be measuring, then how can you measure it accurately?

#7: Snapchat for Brands?

At the beginning of 2016, many were asking whether Snapchat was worth the investment for brands. While there are new advertising options within the platform, we still don’t see a huge opportunity when it comes to influencer marketing – yet. Based on a recent influencer survey from The Motherhood network, however, the trend seems to be away from Snapchat. In the survey, our influencers said they prefer Instagram Stories over Snapchat, due to the fact that their follower base is already established on Instagram’s platform.

#6: Measurement Monday: Going Beyond the Impression

The long-standing impressions metric does not always communicate the value of influencer marketing. So what should you be looking for? In this post, we dive deeper into a few valuable metrics for influencer marketing campaigns.

#5: Advantages of Using an Influencer Marketing Agency

The Motherhood is founded on trusted relationships between our brand and blogger partners. While there are different approaches to influencer marketing, working with an agency offers many advantages. In our recent influencer survey, nearly half of respondents said they prefer being part of campaigns that include both a dashboard or platform and a direct contact at an agency or brand. Building strong relationships with partner brands and agencies over time is something influencers prefer, and they say those relationships make them feel more invested in a campaign.  

#4: Round-up of the Top 10 Social Marketing Predictions for 2016

Take a look and let us know what you think: how did our predictions for this past year pan out? Our influencer network would agree that video was the top trend that emerged in 2016. This includes Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Live video.

#3: Super Bowl Brand Showdown: Which $1 Million Branded Emoji Won the Day on Twitter?

For Super Bowl 50, we were especially interested in Twitter’s new advertising option for brands: a $1 million branded emoji. We followed the four brands that partnered with Twitter to create these emojis and listed the results in this blog post. We can’t wait to see what new marketing trends arise during this year’s big game!

#2: The Motherhood Research Reveals How Sponsored Content Leads to Purchase

We conducted a survey to uncover just how much online sponsored content affects purchase decisions. We found that 79 percent of blog readers will seek out brands they’ve seen on social media, and 98 percent see a product in a store and recall reading about it in a blog post or on social media. Check out our full blog post, including an infographic, for complete results of this survey.

#1: What the Facebook Branded Content Tool Means for Bloggers and Blogger Marketing Networks

And finally, our top-read blog post for 2016 was about the Facebook Branded Content Tool released in April that caused much confusion and concern among influencers. Our team, with the help of one of our amazing influencers, got to the bottom of it!

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