On behalf of the new Perfect Size for 1 products from Duncan Hines, The Motherhood organized and executed a three-month influencer marketing campaign to amplify awareness, maximize purchase consideration and create buzz around the delicious and convenient treats.

To kick off the program, 53 influencers each received samples of the Perfect Size for 1 products to experience and enjoy for themselves. Using the brand’s key messages, the influencers created strategic and compelling content, highlighting their favorite times and ways to enjoy the treats, along with suggestions for add-ins when taking a Perfect Size for 1 break. Each influencer developed a blog post that featured key brand messaging tied into their own authentic thoughts about the product and beautiful, high-end personal photos. They then cross-promoted the content on key social channels to round out their participation in the blog and social media tour. 

To drive more awareness and engagement during the influencer marketing campaign, The Motherhood also worked with the participating bloggers to produce a Twitter party, two Instagram loop giveaways and a promoted Pinterest pin campaign. Furthermore, as a content development value-add, the brand re-purposed blogger-created photos and content on its Facebook page for months after the campaign’s conclusion.

Quick look:

influencer case study


Breakdown of results:

The campaign generated more than 121 million blog and social media impressions from 53 blog posts and more than 3,200 social media posts. These posts led to more than 28,000 unique social engagements (likes, comments, shares) with branded content, and 29% of comments on posts indicated purchase intent.

The influencer team reached more than 211,000 targeted individuals through the boosted pin campaign, which exceeded the overall Pinterest engagement average, and exceeded the food/beverage pin engagement rate average by 13%. The Instagram loop giveaways led to 1.18 times more engagement on loop giveaway posts, as compared to general Instagram posts for the campaign.

At the time of completion, the influencer marketing campaign generated an earned media value of more than $1 million, resulting in a significant return on investment.

Coverage highlights:

Christie, Raising Whasians, published this fun Instagram post that received more than 450 likes and more than 30 comments:

Mary Beth, Cupcakes and Crinoline, pinned her own image of the Perfect Size for 1 treats, and it received more than double the average lifetime number of re-pins for a typical Pinterest pin:

Marisa,ThePennyWiseMama’s visual content performed well across all social channels, garnering a large number of comments and shares:

JeeYoung, Simply + Every, uniquely tied in the branded product with an important life event – her pregnancy – which led to engaging and relevant content:

AnnMarie, AnnMarie John, included beautiful product photography in her posts, and her consistently high engagement rates helped boost the Instagram loop giveaway entries:

Featured image at the top of the post courtesy of: Michelle, Our Three Peas.