Unlike many other influencer networks and platforms, The Motherhood team personally hand-selects influencers within The Mometer database to be a part of each campaign we work on with our clients. For the influencer, that means no applying and endlessly waiting to be accepted to join campaigns. And for our team, that means getting to know each influencer profile via The Mometer platform!

We take various factors into consideration when creating influencer lists for our campaigns, based on a brand’s objectives and direction. These factors can range from the influencers’ interests to kids’ ages, blog focus, location, career — just to list a few! We always strive for the absolute best fit for both the brand and the blogger, because we know that is where a successful campaign lies.

Because we only reach out to an influencer once we are confident that he or she is a solid choice for a sponsored program, it might take a bit of time for the right campaign to be offered to our newer bloggers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t see you! We thought we’d share a little insight as to what can help make an influencer profile stand out in The Mometer — whether you’ve been with us five days or five years.

1. Keep your profile up to date

Did you move? Have a baby? Update your blog content focus? Make sure to sign in and update your profile within The Mometer! Many of these details are crucial to being offered a campaign. For example, if you’ve recently had a baby but haven’t shared that information in The Mometer, we might not know to include you in a newborn-focused program.

Additionally, always double-check that your Google Analytics and social profiles are all properly synced. While The Motherhood does not require a minimum number of followers, we do want to be confident that we are reporting accurately for our clients and campaigns — and setting up your social profiles correctly helps. Don’t leave any blank spaces — fill in every field (as much as you are comfortable sharing, of course).

2. Tell us your interests

We know this seems tedious, but we regularly refer to your interests when we build our campaigns! When you check off the topics that you want to write about, you will appear in our searches as we are creating lists, which increases your chances of being invited to a particular program.

3. Fill out surveys

We regularly send surveys to keep up with our influencers, as well as to help identify those who will be perfect fits for upcoming campaigns. We look back at these survey results often, even up to a couple years after distributing them! Make sure your survey results are saved within The Motherhood platform.

4. Meet your deadlines and give it your best effort

The best way to get to know our influencers’ preferences and skills is simply by working with them. The Motherhood team keeps notes within our system based on specific strengths influencers have shown in previous programs (great food photography, quick replies, meets deadlines, etc.). These notes help direct us when extending invitations to new programs; it’s no surprise that those who have done an outstanding job on past campaigns will be invited to work with us again.

5. Reach out to us

We love to hear from our influencers. When you reach out, we always share your email with our whole team and make a note on your profile so we know you want to work with us, and we can to be on the lookout for a campaign that we know is perfect for you!

For more information on managing your profile in The Mometer, see our FAQ here. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the-mometer@themotherhood.com with additional questions!