If you’re a serious pinner, you’ve probably heard about Pinterest’s new updates, which the social media site rolled out a few weeks ago. They explained that these new tools will make it easier to plan projects and events on Pinterest. Since Pinterest can be a great driver of blog traffic (and, according to Pinterest, it gets more than 2 billion search queries each month!), we wanted to take a closer look at some of Pinterest’s new updates and share how to maximize your experience on the site. Read on for more!

Pinterest’s New Updates: A Summary

Sorting and Archiving Boards

Perhaps one of our favorite new features is the ability for users to archive boards once they’re done with them. Digital hoarding never hurt anyone, but the ability to archive less relevant pins not only helps you stay organized, but per Pinterest, “it also improves the relevance of your recommendations and notifications. So when you archive your wedding board after the big day, you’ll stop seeing recommendations for dresses, bouquets and other related ideas.” Brilliant!

To archive a board, click on “Edit” on your board, then click “Archive.” Archived boards are still accessible but viewable only by you unless you share them using the “Send” button.

Example of Pinterest's new updates

Users can also better organize their active boards: a new “sort” function allows you to arrange them by alphabetical order, most recently saved to, board creation date (newest or oldest) or by a custom-made order.

Reorganizing Pins

The ability to move and reorganize pins is a long-awaited feature. Now, users can rearrange their pins so that they can better visualize them next to other pins, or so they’re immediately visible (for example, you can bump tonight’s dinner recipe to the top of your cooking inspiration board).

To move a pin on iOS, long press to drag and drop it to its new location. You can also hit “Organize” from a board or section to move a pin to a new location on any platform.

Additional Pinterest Features

Have you explored the “Tried” tab feature of Pinterest? You can note which ideas you’ve personally tried and can even add a photo or note of your own below the pin! This will help you keep track of which projects and recipes you’ve tried, which you might recommend to your followers and those you would like to try again.

And while it’s not new per se, we would be remiss if we didn’t call out Pinterest’s visual search feature, since it is another favorite. Using the camera icon next to the search bar on mobile, you can take a photo of something that visually inspires you. As an example, you can take a picture of a tomato, and Pinterest’s Lens feature will pull recipes that feature tomatoes!

Example of Pinterest's new updates

Do you like Pinterest’s new updates? Do you have any current favorite Pinterest features and hacks? Share them with us in the comments!