With summer just around the corner, we are turning our attention to fun beach reads with a brief review of Aloha Also Means Goodbye, a fictional romance written by Jessica Rosenberg of It’s My Life.

The central plot of Aloha Also Means Goodbye revolves around a love triangle: Jo, who’s in Hawaii to marry one man (Jordan), finds out her former love (Andy) is staying at the same resort. Jo was carrying a great deal of baggage from her relationship with Andy when she met Jordan five years ago, and running into Andy for the first time since he left her packs an emotional punch and sets up a dramatic storyline. Will Jo marry Jordan or reunite with Andy?

Aloha Also Means Goodbye

Contributing to the action are a colorful group of secondary characters: Jo’s two best friends Sadie and Roxie, her mother, a disinterested wedding planner, Andy’s two small children, his ex-wife and an attractive hotel employee named Kona, among others.

Aloha Also Means Goodbye delivers plenty of action – each character seems to have his or her own set of secrets and love interests that emerge as the story unfolds. If you can suspend reality for a few hours and prefer neatly wrapped, blissfully happy endings, this is an ideal book for you, particularly for a plane ride or an afternoon at the beach. The plot will grab you and pull you through quickly.