Maybe you’ve scoffed at the idea that work-life balance is actually possible.  We have too. But, we know we can do better with this, especially with the help of friends.


Chrysula Winegar, whose blog is WORK. LIFE. BALANCE., organized a fantastic team of bloggers to lead a live discussion in The Motherhood to share ways they find more balance in our lives.


Here are the Top Twelve Ways to Find Work-Life Balance from our conversation together:


12. Overcome Work Guilt: “I have been struggling as I’m looking to re-join the work force again. I’ve gotten pep talks from all my working mom friends and one really stood out. She said, ‘Ask yourself whether you’re a better mom working or staying at home. Then any time you start feeling guilty or turmoiled, go back to that answer.’ So true! I’m a better mom at work!” ~ Elle, See Mom Work Blog


11. Do What You Do Best, and Let Others Do the Rest: “YOU do the things that are most important for you to do, but if others can step in and help (i.e., virtual manager, house care, a babysitter, etc.) then welcome the chance to delegate. You will find your time and talents so much more well spent.” ~ Sarah Jane Wright, Sarah Jane Studios


10. Lean on Your Partner: “My greatest tool is a weekly planning meeting with my husband. We even have an agenda. Goals, kids, calendar, priorities for the week, planning a date night. It has made ALL the difference.” ~ Chrysula Winegar, WORK. LIFE. BALANCE.


9. Decide When to Say ‘No’: “Saying no is so tricky for me — though necessary. I try and create little equations to help me gauge whether a new project or opportunity will be worth it. The equations help me be realistic about time required and what I expect the outcome to be.” ~ Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom and Kirtsy


8. Set Aside 10 Minutes for Yourself: “Just today I started to engage in a 10 minute a day gift to myself — whether that is running, walking, meditating, a few sun salutations, etc… I put it in my Outlook to do as a recurring daily event. The point is, giving yourself that time — even just 10 minutes — is amazingly effective to recalibrate and help you restore a sense of balance.” ~ Christine Koh, Boston Mamas


7. Make Time for Friends and Partner: “I have been trying to make sure that I have dinner or drinks with a friend/friends one night a week. I also have a standing date night with my husband once a week. Those two things help me de-stress. They make me feel like a real person, beyond being a mom and beyond my job.” ~ Kami Lewis Levin, The Fence


6. Let Go of the Negative: “Research has shown that having a positive outlook actually helps you cope with work-life challenges better. If you always look at the negatives, and think ‘I’ll never get all this done’ it can actually sabotage you!” ~ Jennifer Sabatini Fraone, The Boston College Center for Work & Family


5. Perfectionism is Not the Answer: “Giving your 100% to everything is NOT balance. That’s being an overachiever. Having BALANCE in your life means that your willing to let certain areas in your life shift according to what is the most pressing on your plate. I gave up trying to have folded laundry long ago. But I feel balanced!” ~ Sarah Jane Wright, Sarah Jane Studios


4. Remember, Your Life is YOUR Life: “Letting go of OTHER people’s definitions of what your life is supposed to look like is essential.” ~ Chrysula Winegar, WORK. LIFE. BALANCE.


3. Keep Your Eye on the Ball: “I feel confidence with work life balance. I think a big part of that is finding meaning in all aspects of my life. Not everything can be exciting, but I try to keep my mind on why what I’m doing is important to me.” ~ Rachael Ellison, Reworking Parents


2.  One Thing at at Time: “Juggling it all can be difficult. But it is do-able. I always say ‘I’m EVERY WOMAN. Just NOT at the same time.'” ~ LaShaun – Shootie Girl


And the number one way to find work-live balance:


1. Choose a fight song:  Yes, indeed.  Choose the music that rocks you.  “This song gets me happy every time:” ~ Sarah Jane Wright, Sarah Jane Studios


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