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The Motherhood: The mother of all influencer networks. We connect brands with key consumers through a network of smart, passionate influencers from millennials to lifestyle-focused to moms and beyond.

The Motherhood specializes in connecting brands with the right influencers – women and men who feel a personal connection to the brand objectives and harness that connection to create authentic, impactful sponsored content. The Motherhood’s neighborhoods of influence play a key role in helping to drive engagement and increase sales, sparking deep loyalty among consumers, and our work with them generated more than 3 million online impressions every single day of the past year.

The first-of-its-kind influencer marketing approach we created in 2005 and have continued to refine not only leads to needle-moving campaigns but also to the creation of lifelong bonds between consumers and brands. The Motherhood’s network of influencers creates compelling, engaging content — from the heart — that delivers joy and ongoing value to their readers and significant word of mouth impact for brands. Influencers in our network work hard to earn and maintain trust from their followers, so when they put their names behind products, their recommendations carry weight.

The home base for our network is The Mometer: a proprietary database and project dashboard filled with insights on the top influencers in food, fashion, tech, DIY and beyond – all of them trusted bloggers we’ve gotten to know over the years. Despite the growing focus on marketing and influencer automation, we believe wholeheartedly that building and nurturing genuine relationships is the key to success. The Mometer combines the best of high-tech and high-touch in one beautiful, functional dashboard we designed and built with our partners in mind. It delivers rich consumer insights and project management efficiencies, but it never replaces the human touch.

Here are just a few of the wonderful women who make up our network of influencers:

As the mother of all influencer networks, The Motherhood’s neighborhoods of influence include millennials, lifestyle, food, tech, health and wellness, moms, dads — and much more. Our expansive network covers a wide variety of topics and interests, allowing us to identify and engage the exact right influencers for each of our clients, by interest-area, demographics, geographically and more. Below are some of the topics our network covers:

Here’s what some of our influencers have to say about working with us:

“A natural fit”

chairs“The Motherhood consistently connects us to brands that are a natural fit for us, making our partnership not only successful, but fun! Their passion and joy for bringing moms, bloggers, and brands together always shines through, and it’s contagious! Joining The Motherhood has been one of the best decisions that we’ve made for our blog.”

“Savvy, educated moms”

glasses“The Motherhood understands how to reach savvy educated moms who want the best for their families. I am extremely impressed by their creativity when designing campaigns. I have worked with many networks and have yet to find another that can compare to The Motherhood.”

“Innovative and fun”

nit“I love working with The Motherhood because they always have innovative and fun ways of connecting brands and bloggers. My posts with The Motherhood are some of my most read and interactive of all the campaigns I do.”

“By far my favorite”

talk“The Motherhood is by far my favorite network to team up with. I appreciate the attention to detail, personable staff, and clear directions I get for campaigns. I am beyond impressed with the work I see from The Motherhood. I’m honored to be a part of such a network.”


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