Spotlight Blogger: Roxy with GrrFeisty

Roxy, GrrFeisty

With a blog named GrrFeisty, you can expect a little bit of sass from Roxy, the brains behind this top lifestyle blog! Her feistiness is just one reason we love her. Roxy’s attention to detail, candor, storytelling talent and her love of her family are a few others – and that’s why she’s our Spotlight Blogger this March! Take a look at our Q&A with Roxy for her thoughts on influencer marketing, social media and more.

Tell us why you blog.
I blog because I am obsessed with documenting, from the day-to-day stuff to important events. Since becoming a mother, I am even more obsessed with keeping track of my (now) 16-month-old daughter’s life. I love sharing our adventures with readers, as well as recommending great products and making a business from that sharing at times.

What content do you feel your readers find most valuable?
My motherhood-related posts have been the most popular. A lot of my readers can relate to my posts, and share their own struggles and successes with me. I’ve received a lot of great advice, but a lot of mom-shaming has occurred as well. Surprisingly, both situations have made me a stronger person.

Where do you see the most engagement with your content?
The most engagement seems to come when discussing challenges I’ve faced as a new mom. Some women are dealing with similar situations, while others have overcome these and share their thoughts and ideas. My parenting struggles are often shared within life updates, which I think people like because it isn’t all mom-related. I talk about books I’ve read, what I am working on (these days, that’s usually homework for grad school!), what I’m wearing, etc. I used to do a lot more fashion posts, so it’s fun to throw those in, as well. I’ve had to rediscover my style in this new body. 🙂

What’s the #1 question you’re asked by your readers, and what’s your answer?
Usually readers will ask me how I find the time to do anything. I’m a new mom, I started working full-time again (after being away for almost three years) in a new position in education with a new age group, and I go to grad school and blog, too. I mean, sometimes I wonder how I find the time, too! “Late nights” is my answer. I want to be around for Lila Sophia (my daughter) as much as possible, which means that I can’t do much after work until she goes to sleep.

What’s your favorite question you’re asked by your brands, and what’s your answer?
My favorite question is something along the lines of: “Will you work with us again?” I love repeat work with brands that I believe in – it’s extremely flattering! Building those relationships is really important.

2018 is the year of: _________
Rediscovering myself. There have been so many life changes within the last two years. Pregnancy, motherhood, natural disasters putting us out of our home (hello, Harvey), graduate school, career changes – I could keep going. My health has taken a toll and I feel like 2018 needs to snap me back into reality. I’ve slowly been replacing my pre-baby wardrobe, and now it’s time to work on my health: what goes in my body versus what goes on my body. I love that I can share my concerns to my readers and receive wonderful support and advice.

What are brands doing right when working with bloggers?
Paying them. I know it sounds blunt, but blogging is so much work! I feel like some readers think of bloggers as doing things for the product, or the paycheck, but when the brand and blogger are a good match, we will easily spend 4-5 hours taking photographs on multiple days, editing the photographs, creating the content, editing the content, and then creating and editing the social media content, and more. When a brand recognizes the work, it’s really a sigh of relief. Hold onto that relationship.

Favorite program you’ve done with The Motherhood?
My favorite program was the collaboration with Christian Brothers Automotive. It was something different for me, but I was definitely interested in learning about taking care of my car. It’s relatively new, and I am usually not the only passenger anymore. 🙂 The collaboration was a unique experience for me and I was able to add just the right touches to make it work for me and my readership. It’s okay to try something new when you are interested in learning!

Who is your mentor?
My friend Maria (Little Tree) in New Jersey, who is about to be a mom! We are constantly texting each other about blogging, campaigns, and now motherhood. Her friendship has been extra special because we met online and then finally connected at a blogger conference. Since then we’ve only built up our friendship. Hopefully we can have a baby play date soon!

How do you organize your day?
I am constantly scanning through my planner and jotting down notes and making schedules. All of my blogger and school deadlines are coded with stickers! If I have a particularly hectic few days, I will write out an hourly plan for that particular day (or days). I also email myself multiple to-do lists throughout the day and jot down quick notes on my hand. Ha!

My priority is my daughter, so I make sure and wake up early enough to have meaningful time before we go our separate ways. (I’m an elementary school librarian by day.) After work, I have more family time (with sprinkles of social media) until the little lady’s bedtime, then comes homework, blogging, and hopefully, some reading.

You can follow along on Roxy’s adventures on Instagram or Facebook!

Roxy, GrrFeisty

More about The Motherhood’s Spotlight Blogger Series

Each month, our internal team convenes and discusses our latest programs, stellar partnerships and top influencers. It’s not about numbers, but rather, the quality, authentic content they’re delivering consistently. It’s about reliability, professionalism and partnership. We discuss our nominations for the month and ultimately decide on just one blogger to feature. Take a look at our other featured influencers here.


Tips on How to Maximize Pinterest’s New Updates

If you’re a serious pinner, you’ve probably heard about Pinterest’s new updates, which the social media site rolled out a few weeks ago. They explained that these new tools will make it easier to plan projects and events on Pinterest. Since Pinterest can be a great driver of blog traffic (and, according to Pinterest, it gets more than 2 billion search queries each month!), we wanted to take a closer look at some of Pinterest’s new updates and share how to maximize your experience on the site. Read on for more!

Pinterest’s New Updates: A Summary

Sorting and Archiving Boards

Perhaps one of our favorite new features is the ability for users to archive boards once they’re done with them. Digital hoarding never hurt anyone, but the ability to archive less relevant pins not only helps you stay organized, but per Pinterest, “it also improves the relevance of your recommendations and notifications. So when you archive your wedding board after the big day, you’ll stop seeing recommendations for dresses, bouquets and other related ideas.” Brilliant!

To archive a board, click on “Edit” on your board, then click “Archive.” Archived boards are still accessible but viewable only by you unless you share them using the “Send” button.

Example of Pinterest's new updates

Users can also better organize their active boards: a new “sort” function allows you to arrange them by alphabetical order, most recently saved to, board creation date (newest or oldest) or by a custom-made order.

Reorganizing Pins

The ability to move and reorganize pins is a long-awaited feature. Now, users can rearrange their pins so that they can better visualize them next to other pins, or so they’re immediately visible (for example, you can bump tonight’s dinner recipe to the top of your cooking inspiration board).

To move a pin on iOS, long press to drag and drop it to its new location. You can also hit “Organize” from a board or section to move a pin to a new location on any platform.

Additional Pinterest Features

Have you explored the “Tried” tab feature of Pinterest? You can note which ideas you’ve personally tried and can even add a photo or note of your own below the pin! This will help you keep track of which projects and recipes you’ve tried, which you might recommend to your followers and those you would like to try again.

And while it’s not new per se, we would be remiss if we didn’t call out Pinterest’s visual search feature, since it is another favorite. Using the camera icon next to the search bar on mobile, you can take a photo of something that visually inspires you. As an example, you can take a picture of a tomato, and Pinterest’s Lens feature will pull recipes that feature tomatoes!

Example of Pinterest's new updates

Do you like Pinterest’s new updates? Do you have any current favorite Pinterest features and hacks? Share them with us in the comments!

A Quick Guide to Complying with FTC Disclosure Guidelines

FTC disclosure guidelines

As the conduit between influencers and brands, we make it a priority to stay on top of regulations that apply to the ever-evolving influencer marketing industry. It’s no secret that there’s been a boom in the influencer marketing industry, which is why we thought it was important to share a quick refresher on the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission) disclosure guidelines.

These regulations apply to anyone who produces online content about brands in exchange for compensation (and compensation can include not only cash, but free products/services, discounts, special access or other exchange of goods or services).

If you are purchasing the product on your own, there is no need to disclose anything. The FTC only regulates endorsements that are made on behalf of a paying advertiser.

Read on for more on how to stay compliant!

Blog Post Disclosures

The FTC is not overly prescriptive when it comes to providing specific language for disclosure statements. Rather, they state that the goal is “to give readers the essential information.”

Here is an acceptable sample disclosure statement: “Brand X provided me with free products to try in exchange for my honest opinion.” 

A good rule of thumb is to disclose your partnership right away and every time you are talking about it. For a blog post, that generally means at the top of the post (and that includes mentions of affiliate links). The FTC also states that these disclosure statements must be clear and visible to “a reasonable consumer” (meaning they should not have to go searching for the information).

So, if you have a dedicated disclosure page that states you receive free product or compensation in exchange for your reviews, you might think you’re compliant. Per the FTC, though, one single disclosure on one page does not suffice since readers could easily miss it.

Similarly, the FTC advises against linking or redirecting to a full disclosure statement since it “does not convey the importance, nature, and relevance of the information to which it leads and it is likely that many consumers will not click on it and therefore will miss necessary disclosures.”

Additional information and compliance best practices can be found at this link, too.

Social Media Disclosures

Several social media platforms now offer branded content tools (see our post about Facebook’s branded content tool), which allow pages or profiles to visibly indicate content that includes a third party, brand, or sponsor.

While these tools are helpful in marking a paid relationship, the FTC does not consider them adequate for the purposes of disclosure.

To be sure you’re properly disclosing your partnership, in addition to the branded tool, publishers should use one of the following disclosures in the caption or text overlay of a social media post:

  • Ad or #ad
  • Sponsored or #sponsored
  • Promotion or #promotion

Per the FTC, they are not “mandating the specific wording of disclosures. However, the same general principle – that people get the information they need to evaluate sponsored statements – applies across the board, regardless of the advertising medium.” In other words, while you don’t necessarily need to use the exact disclosures listed above, avoid using ambiguous disclosures in social media.

The FTC will also not dictate where in the social post the disclosure needs to be, as long as it is easily noticed or understood.

As of now, the FTC is not actively pursuing violations to these policies, but they will evaluate violations that come to their attention and determine whether or not to fine those who have made the error.

Since this is an ever-changing industry, there are certainly going to be times of uncertainty when it comes to properly adhering to the most current guidelines, so stay tuned for additional updates on this topic.

In the meantime, we recommend bookmarking the FTC’s endorsement guide page for updated information!

How Publishers Can Stay Visible Amidst Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Facebook's Algorithm

If you manage a page on Facebook, you’re probably aware that Facebook’s algorithm is changing such that users will soon “see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

Facebook noted that this move, which was based on research, is to encourage users to interact with (comment, liking, sharing) the content they do see and that resonates with them.

As a brand, business or publisher, the move to downplay your organic content can be a setback to your overall marketing strategy, but don’t throw in the towel on Facebook just yet! We compiled some tips for how you can help your content stand out amidst the changes.

Be Engaging & Test Different Types of Content

Since the primary goal of these changes is to prioritize information that people care about, publishers should design content that is meant to be engaging.

If up until now your strategy has focused on building awareness, then identifying the right types of engaging content – whether that manifests as text-based posts, video/live video, GIFs or static imagery – will likely be a trial-and-error process. Consider what types of stories will draw people in the most and will encourage them to join the conversation.

It’s important to remember that there’s a distinction between engagement and engagement bait, too. Posts that explicitly ask users to share and comment are considered engagement bait, and Facebook penalizes that type of content. Content should inspire users to join in on the conversation on their own accord.

And don’t forget to engage in dialogue with your audience. After all, social media was always intended to be a two-way street, and we don’t see that changing any time soon!

Incorporate a Paid Strategy

Most social-savvy publishers have known that organic reach on Facebook for brands has been limited for a while now. Many are calling Facebook’s algorithm change the “nail in the coffin” for an organic-only strategy.

With the latest change, users will continue to see paid ads, so if you haven’t allocated budget for paid Facebook ads, now is the time to do that.

However, experts anticipate that prices and competition for paid Facebook ads will change soon, too. Before the latest algorithm change, Facebook’s ad rates had risen by 35 percent in the last quarter alone. According to Digiday, “Arguably, the change has merely increased competition — and therefore prices — for getting into the news feed, by pushing out those who can’t afford to pay to be in it.”

Having a strategic plan and budget in place is key to getting the most bang for your buck with Facebook Ads. Test different types of content with your ads to better understand what ultimately helps your audience connect with you.

Explore Facebook Live

If you haven’t taken the plunge with Facebook Live videos, you might want to now! Facebook Live videos defy the newest changes and will continue to show up in the news feed regularly because they encourage engagement.

Facebook is still cracking down on spammy, “watch-bait” live videos, so make sure you’re broadcasting quality content. And during the broadcast, don’t be afraid to encourage your viewers to ask questions and share your content (versus stating that in the caption).

For more tips on how to execute great Facebook Live broadcasts, check out our blog post on the topic here.

Facebook was created as a way for people to connect with one another. The latest changes are nothing to fear if publishers keep that overarching goal in mind and can create inspiring, authentic and engaging content that resonates with their audience.

What are your tips to maintaining visibility with Facebook’s algorithm changes?

Spotlight Blogger: Brynne with Femme Frugality

Brynne with Femme Frugality

Brynne with Femme Frugality knows that, regardless of how much you earn, you’ve probably felt financial stress at some point in your life. By examining our financial systems, she shares money-management advice, products, events and more to help readers manage their finances — from how to earn money, how to save money and even planning for major life milestones (college, weddings, etc.) on a budget. We love Brynne’s approach to sharing real-life, actionable ideas, and that’s why she’s our February Spotlight Blogger!

We chatted with Brynne to get her thoughts on why she blogs and on the social media marketing industry. Take a look at our Q&A here:

What do you feel is the #1 trend in influencer marketing in 2018?
I’m hearing a lot of bloggers talk about going back to basics—telling their own stories and focusing on community to build traffic rather than focusing primarily on search engines. I think this will be positive for marketing as those stories and communities are what made blogging a great platform for native advertising in the first place.

What content do you feel your readers find most valuable?
My readers tend to engage most with new, fresh earning and savings ideas, and articles that make them think about money issues a little bit deeper. The “same old” tips and tricks you find on every money blog everywhere don’t cut it.

How has your blog changed since you first got started?
I used to focus exclusively on those fresh, actionable earning and savings ideas. As the years have gone on, I’ve published more and more posts around the psychology or philosophy of money. I try to look at the systems that affect our relationship with money and each other, as I’ve realized that without addressing these systems, those actionable tips are only going to get us so far on our path to financial health.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?
Know that it’s a lot of work, and that you won’t get rich quicky. Even if you’re working at it full-force, you’re unlikely to become even marginally profitable until the six- or twelve-month mark.

What trend or platform is on its way out?
For a while, there was a Snapchat frenzy. That seems to have died, but I write primarily for a Millennial and younger Gen Xer audience, so that may be different for those marketing to Gen Z.

What’s your greatest challenge when working with brands?
I love all the brands that have made it onto my blog (and some who haven’t). It can get frustrating when a brand undervalues your platform, time and effort. As much as I may want to work together, if we can’t agree on a fair compensation, I just can’t do it.

What’s your best blogging tip?
Connect with other bloggers. Remember that they’re not your competition—they’re your network. Always lend a helping hand to your blogging community wherever you can and they’ll be more likely to return the favor down the line.

Favorite program you’ve done with The Motherhood?
I’ve genuinely loved them all, so this is a hard pick. I’ve worked repeatedly with Northwood Realty, though, and enjoy that they have so much respect for women in the workplace. Because of that respect, my readers have responded well and engaged positively with the content we’ve put together over the years.

What is your proudest achievement? 
When I look back on my life, my proudest moments are when I’ve been able to make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

Even as a woefully imperfect mother, I’ve been able to advocate for my children and help them reach new milestones. I hope to teach them the skills they need to do this themselves throughout their lives as they age.

As a writer, I’ve helped women fix their credit scoreswork with state governments to get the wedding ceremony of their dreamstravel to great destinations on a dime and given validation and access to seldom-discussed resources that lead to financial empowerment.

The most rewarding thing in my life has been helping others achieve.

What are your three most-used emojis?


Have a financial question for Brynne? Connect with her on her Facebook page!

More about The Motherhood’s Spotlight Blogger Series

Each month, our internal team convenes and discusses our latest programs, stellar partnerships and top influencers. It’s not about numbers, but rather, the quality, authentic content they’re delivering consistently. It’s about reliability, professionalism and partnership. We discuss our nominations for the month and ultimately decide on just one blogger to feature. Take a look at our other featured influencers here.

Five Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

Bloggers put their heart and soul into developing authentic, high-quality content that adds value to their readers’ lives — and getting that content in front of the right people at the right time is top of mind for creators.

We asked expert influencers in The Motherhood network how they make sure their creative, wonderful, resourceful work is shared, seen and read by those who would find it most helpful. Below, we share some of their answers with you, along with some of our tried-and-true tips to increase blog traffic in ways that really matter.

1. Headlines matter. Keep it short, interesting and relevant to your specific audience. More tips for strategic headline creation can be found here! 

2. Our network’s top tip: share, share, share! Cross-promote your blog content on your social media channels often (Pinterest and Twitter were cited as among the most helpful in increasing traffic), with other bloggers and in email newsletters. Keep in mind that not all social platforms are the same. Test and see what type of content performs best on each platform, and check out this helpful guide for promoting content on different platforms.

3. Use social media scheduling tools (like Buffer, CoSchedule or Edgar) to help drive traffic. These tools can keep your social content organized and in one place. Keeping your scheduler filled is key. One influencer noted that when she shares more infrequently, her traffic will quickly dip. Remember that blog readers count on social content to remind them to visit their favorite blogs, ultimately helping you to increase blog traffic!

Additionally, when scheduling, take a look at when your previous posts performed best, as well as some well-known best practices to help decide which are the most productive times to push your posts live.

4. Maximize SEO. We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: when it comes to determining SEO keywords for your blog post, don’t guess! Take a look at Google Trends or Moz Keywords for suggested terms. Using SEO keywords can potentially put your posts directly in front of people who are already actively looking for related content! If you’re a newbie to SEO strategy, we highly recommend you check out this blog post by SEO expert Stephen Spencer, 7 Simple SEO Hacks for Non-Techie Bloggers.

5. Mark your evergreen content for sharing later. When it comes to finding and scheduling content to share, it doesn’t have to be a post you wrote that day or even that month. Dig deep into your archives and examine your blog’s analytics to find those always-relevant posts! Evergreen content is simply content that is not tied to one particularly timely “hook” or event and is not likely to change in the near future. This content can live on in searches and continually generate traffic to your site!

As you are creating blog posts, keep the evergreen factor in mind; mark down the ones that can be shared later. You can use something as simple as a Google doc to keep track of those posts you’ll want to share again in the future!

What are your tips on how to easily increase blog traffic? Share with us in the comments!

Spotlight Blogger: Jasmine with Stylish Cravings

The Motherhood is recognizing Jasmine with Stylish Cravings as our first Spotlight Blogger of 2018. On her blog, Jasmine beautifully catalogs life with seven kids, and shares relatable mom advice (like reassuring us that it’s okay to say “no” to things that don’t bring you joy!), recipes, home decor, DIY projects and, as you might guess, style and fashion.

Read our Q&A to get her insights on the social media marketing industry below!

What do you feel is the #1 trend in influencer marketing in 2018?
I don’t really think that there will be one specific influencer trend. I do, however, think that brands (and readers) will be expecting more from influencers. Quality content, gorgeous pictures, videos, etc.

Tell us why you blog.
Originally, I started blogging just for fun. I used it as a way to express all of the things that I loved about fashion. I quickly realized that I could take the knowledge from my already-existing passion for fashion and my retail management experience and use it to grow! It was a win-win because I was doing something I loved and I got to be home with my kids more often. To this day, I still blog for all those reasons, only now it’s a career!

Where do you find inspiration for new blog posts?
TV shows (I love reality TV), magazines, my kids, my life, and, of course, the internet!

What content do you feel your readers find most valuable?
I’d say it’s a toss-up between recipes and parenting tips. Being a mom of seven, I think my readers have come to appreciate my experience in what I do.

What is your favorite space to engage with your readers?
For me, it’s always been Facebook and, more recently, Facebook Live. Interaction has never been easier!

What’s the #1 question you’re asked by your readers, and what’s your answer?
How I manage to get it all done. The answer? I don’t get it all done. I make a list, I try my best, I try not to sweat the small stuff, and I’ve learned to say no to things that don’t make me happy. It’s a juggling act; somedays I’ve got all the balls in the air, and other days I can’t even find the balls to juggle.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog? 
Treat blogging like it’s your job, but don’t blog just to make money.

What are your thoughts on working with a brand on multiple occasions (vs. one-off programs)?
This past year I’ve worked with several brands multiple times and I really enjoyed getting to know the brand well. Gaining their trust that I will deliver what they want and/or need is rewarding. Working with a brand on multiple occasions is something I’d like to do more of this year.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat?
My kids are obsessed with it and I get why, but I don’t use it too often.

2018 is the year of:
Live videos!

Influencer marketing is:
Thriving more than ever!

Favorite program you’ve done with The Motherhood?
The one with Johnson’s! It’s a brand I’ve used with all my kids, so it was a great fit for me and I loved that they sent me a sweet gift for the holidays!

What’s your greatest challenge when working with brands?
Disorganization, which in turn leads to a lot of rushed edits.

What are brands doing right when working with bloggers?
I love working with brands who appreciate my time and how much work goes into a post.

What should brands start doing (or doing better) when working with bloggers?
I still think bloggers are a bit undervalued and brands need to really see how much of an influence we have.

Follow Jasmine with Stylish Cravings on her favorite place to engage with readers: Facebook!

More about The Motherhood’s Spotlight Blogger Series

Each month, our internal team convenes and discusses our latest programs, stellar partnerships and top influencers. It’s not about numbers, but rather, the quality, authentic content they’re delivering consistently. It’s about reliability, professionalism and partnership. We discuss our nominations for the month and ultimately decide on just one blogger to feature. Take a look at our other featured influencers here.

Creative Ways to Work with Influencers — Beyond Social Media!

Creative ways to work with Influencers

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity, as more and more brands are coming up with new, creative ways to work with influencers. It’s a trusted strategy, and with good reason: The right influencers have a passion for sharing information about causes, products, issues and more that matter to them – and a substantial audience interested in hearing their relatable and trustworthy advice.

One of the underlying reasons for the success of influencer marketing is that, at its core, it is word-of-mouth marketing. And we all know that word of mouth was alive and well, and incredibly effective for brands, before the advent of the Internet.

That’s why influencers’ powerful storytelling ability applies both online and off. And, because we think the best marketing campaigns take an integrated approach, we wanted to share a few ways to leverage the power of influencers beyond posting on social media.

Here are a few ways to think outside of the influencer marketing box:


From movie screenings to cooking classes, hosting in-home parties with fellow moms to attending family-friendly food truck events or meet-ups at conferences, The Motherhood is no stranger to co-hosting, producing and participating in influencer events on behalf of brands.

Events are a terrific way for brand representatives to meet influencers they may have never met in person before. And, perhaps best of all, in-person events provide an immersive experience for influencers to understand first-hand the objective of a program or product. That, in turn, translates well to written, photo and video content for the online world.

Take a look at how some of our favorite influencer local events have unfolded here!


According to Forbes, “traditional ads don’t work anymore because 84 percent of millennials simply don’t trust traditional advertising.”

One reason we often gravitate towards specific influencers is because they strike a chord with us and earn our trust, whether they have similar family dynamics as us, shared hobbies or provide a valuable skill. Featuring a well-known and relatable influencer in a traditional advertising campaign can go a long way toward garnering trust among your target audience.

As an example, The Motherhood partnered with Children’s MOTRIN® and a team of six mom bloggers to create social media and online advertising content around the brand’s “My Unstoppable Mom” campaign with Kelly Ripa. Read about how the experience unfolded for Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family!

Insights & Research

Among our short list of creative ways to work with influencers is gathering a group of influencers for their consumer insights, messaging feedback and more. Whether you’re preparing to launch a product or want to uncover insights about your target audience, influencers can be a huge help in the research phase of a program because they are deeply connected to their audiences – your consumers.

The Motherhood has orchestrated advisory panels and focus groups of influencers who meet, whether in person or virtually, to provide counsel and feedback to brands, before, during and after a campaign has launched. We also help companies conduct research by tapping our network of influencers for their thoughts on various topics.

There are many creative ways to work with influencers that go beyond just social media! Contact us to develop a customized campaign for your next project:

The Motherhood’s Year in Review

The Motherhood's Year in Review

We’re wrapping up an amazing and insightful year! We thought it would be fun to show you The Motherhood’s year in review, including highlights from events we attended and tactics, trends and tools we learned this year.

Take a look! Did you miss any of these top blog posts?

  1. A Conversation with The Influence Marketer: Tom Augenthaler: The Motherhood’s CEO, Cooper Munroe, got a chance to interview the expert of influencer marketing, Tom Augenthaler! See what he had to share about credibility, scale, SEO, conversion and trust!
  2. Huntington National Bank Spotlights The Motherhood CEO: Huntington National Bank featured our CEO, Cooper Munroe, this year! She shared the unique story of how our social media agency was built and how we’ve grown and evolved since our founding in 2006.
  3. Influencer Marketing Days: Our Key Takeaways: After attending and speaking at Influencer Marketing Days conference in New York City, Cooper Munroe and The Motherhood team compiled and shared the top learnings from the event!
  4. Team Creativity and Motivation: The Motherhood Style!: As a team, we made a commitment in 2017 to do outside, creativity-inducing, fun activities regularly. Be inspired from some of our team activities we shared on the blog!
  5. Influencer Marketing 101: Deadlines, Commitments and Best Practices: Working with a large number of influencers at once can always come with unexpected issues. Here are our tips for making sure all goes according to plan!
  6. Influencer Tactic: Extend the Value of Campaigns with Influencer-Executed Promoted Social Posts: When it fits into campaign parameters and goals, a beneficial yet often-overlooked, tactical add-on to influencer campaigns is paid social ads and boosted posts executed by the influencers themselves. Read on for ways this can be done!
  7. Top 10 Influencer Tips at #BlogHer17: We attended BlogHer this year and were so inspired by the influencer tips shared throughout the conference! Take a look for yourself!
  8. Facebook’s Declining Organic Reach: Tips for Publishers to Maintain Reach: Have you noticed a decline in your Facebook page organic reach this year? Here are a few tips for publishers to keep in mind when trying to maintain Facebook reach.
  9. Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Branded Content Tool for Influencers (Updated Nov 2017): This remained a hot topic in 2017 as Facebook made updates to their Branded Content Tool! Are you caught up on how to use it?
  10. Wheelbarrows, Customer-Led Growth and H.J. Heinz: CEO Cooper Munroe shares a beautiful story from the town where The Motherhood HQ is located, and the business lessons that can be learned through it!
  11. This Is Us and Why We Want to Hold HandsAs the TV show This is Us became largely popular earlier this year, Cooper Munroe drew insights on why we feel so connected to the show and the importance of authenticity and relatability.
  12. Influencer Marketing: Make the Leap from Tactic to Brand StrategyWhy it’s crucial that your brand integrate influencer marketing into overall brand strategy — not just a one-off tactical basis.

We are so looking forward to a New Year and have exciting updates to share in 2018!

2018 Social Media Predictions And Marketing Trends

2018 Social Media Predictions

With the end of the year just weeks away, we’re excited to delve into what’s in store for 2018. Check out what we’re reading when it comes to what’s on the horizon for influencer marketing in the New Year.

Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Rise

By now, we’ve all seen firsthand, year after year, how influencer marketing continues to become an integral part of many marketers’ strategies. Large corporations, small businesses, and everyone in between are seeking out information and ways to leverage this smart strategy for their own brands. According to PR Daily, searches around “influencer marketing” have doubled in the first nine months of 2017, and in that same time span, searches for “Instagram influencer” have more than tripled.

Because the marketplace is so saturated, PR Daily also underscores the importance of having a clearly defined strategy in place for influencer marketing; a strategy that an influencer marketing agency – like The Motherhood – can help create and manage, so that it is a seamless extension of your overall marketing plan.

Augmented Reality Will Take a Greater Hold

Augmented reality has been around for several years now, but experts predict that in 2018, more brands will be using this technology to immerse their customers in their company’s offerings, thanks to recent technological advances from Apple (ARKit) and Google (ARCore) that make augmented reality applications more useable.

Social media ads are also predicted to incorporate augmented reality, creating experiences where prospective customers can actually visualize themselves with a product or service.

Instagram and Instagram Stories Will Continue to Be Important for Marketers

Just a year after they launched, Instagram Stories’ daily viewers surpassed those of SnapChat. Plus, those with more than 10,000 followers can also now add a link in their Stories, which on Instagram, has been a hurdle for brands to date (source).

This, combined with the fact that Instagram Story metrics are measurable, gives the platform a one-up on others from a marketer’s perspective, which is why we expect to see additional growth and interest in this platform in 2018 – especially for fashion brands and influencers.

Because more and more brands are disappearing from the news feed due to ever-changing algorithms, creating a stable of content in Instagram Stories is key to staying relevant and top-of-mind for brands, and can guide your followers back to your news feed to boost engagement with that content.

2018 social media predictions

Video Will Be More Relevant Than Ever

Video dominance (including live video) certainly isn’t a new trend, and we anticipate that video will continue to be a favored medium. After all, video is expected to account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2021!

Experts continue to agree that in our mobile-first world, attention spans are shorter than ever, so videos that demonstrate value – using a “show don’t tell” model – will be vital for brands wanting to stay relevant.

Also, in 2018, mobile video is anticipated to grow by 25 percent, and video consumption is supposed to decline on laptops and desktop computers for the first time ever.

Real-Time Access and Messenger Marketing Will See Growth

This year, Facebook reported that there are 100,000 active bots on Messenger each month, and that number is slated to grow. In fact, artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to grow by 53 percent in the next few years.

This type of automation and real-time access to brands is almost required in the social media era, where brands and consumers are “always on.” In addition to more brands incorporating that kind of access into their marketing toolkit, we’re likely to see improvement in the quality of those interactions, as well as the response rate.

We want to hear from you. What do you predict will rise of fall for social media in 2018? Tell us in the comments!

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