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A digital bookshelf filled with authentic, positive and engagement-driving content from your most important influencers generates twice the amount of sales as paid advertising.

As consumers block and ignore paid online ads, brands turn to sponsored content and influencer marketing to reach their consumers – authentic, quality sponsored influencer content is not only effective and productive, it’s the future of digital marketing.

Users seek out influencer content because it adds value, shared knowledge and authenticity. Word of mouth marketing generates twice the amount of sales as paid advertising. Social media gives brands the unique opportunity to interact and get to know their consumers.

Modern consumers turn first to each other for feedback on new products, advice on trips to take with the family, ways they can involve their kids in causes, or learn about the latest health information for their families. The Motherhood recognizes the power of story – that women capture each other’s attention and heart with their words, their histories, experiences, know-how, and advice.

The Motherhood offers essential social media services to help you reach bloggers who cover just about any topic, delivering guaranteed coverage and engagement that remains highly searchable for years to come. Our work has enabled hundreds of consumer brands to leverage the power of online influencers as rocket fuel for social media marketing campaigns. In 2016, The Motherhood’s campaigns reached more than 3 million people every single day of the year!

With an extremely high rate of repeat business, The Motherhood is the influencer agency of choice for many of the country’s top brands, and we are proud of the impact we’ve created together. When our clients choose us to help represent their brand online, that’s an honor and responsibility we accept with the utmost joy and professionalism.





Influencer Engagement & Activations

Social media and consumer generated content can – and should – support every aspect of the marketing mix. When consumers see a TV spot or notice an end-cap display and want to know more, they look to see what others are saying online.

Our core group of services — including blog tours, social media tours content and video creation, on-site event attendance and virtual briefings — guarantees that your brand receives authentic, creative, value-added content that only continues to increase in value and reach as time goes on.

Productive and thoughtful partnerships with influencers who are aligned with you and your brand are among the most powerful customer relationships you can have. The Motherhood brokers long-term partnerships between brands and bloggers for meaningful engagement through Always On programming, ambassador panels, local media spokespersons, speaker bureaus and product testing panels.

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Twitter Activations

Engaging with consumers on Twitter is one of the most effective ways brands can build awareness, gain trust and drive purchase. In the past year alone, The Motherhood’s Twitter activations have reached more than 732 million consumers.

The Motherhood has an extensive portfolio of services, such as Twitter parties, chat series and online focus groups, that we have developed and refined based on years of experience.

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Consulting & Management Services

The most successful brands are those companies that identify, listen to, value and engage with their customers. Social media gives brands the unique opportunity to interact and build those relationships.

The Motherhood builds social media plans that help brands increase share of voice, identify and engage influencers as advocates, add value and nurture trust. As a strategic social media partner, The Motherhood develops custom approaches that may include in-depth social listening and reporting on what consumers are saying about your brand, audits of existing social presence and recommendations for new platforms or approaches.

Research, Consumer Insight, and Analysis

What customers are saying to each other is often not easily found or analyzed in stacks of data. But it can be found in the conversation moms are having every day on blogs and other platforms.

With access to thousands of social media moms – and their millions of followers – through flash polling and longer-form surveys to uncover statistics to support media outreach or other elements of the brand’s integrated marketing mix.

The Motherhood also deploys social chats, surveys and virtual focus groups, which generate meaningful conversations online. We monitor and analyze these deep discussions, providing insight around consumer conversations, to help inform future business decisions.

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Start-Up and Small Business Services

The Motherhood offers specialized services for small businesses and start-ups to identify and engage with up-and-coming influencers who share your passions. Working together creates a mutually beneficial partnership as both the influencers and business grow together.

We’re perfectionists of the highest order, and have been told repeatedly by our clients that, comparatively, we stand out for: our extensive understanding and experience in consumer PR, our professionalism and attention to every detail, our highly targeted and creative programs, the quality of bloggers and the content they create, results reporting, and our expedited turnaround time and flexibility for our programs as well as those sometimes unanticipated requests.




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