If you’re reading this blog post, odds are you have a pretty solid grasp of how the Internet works.  You’re familiar with the words Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumble Upon.  You probably have accounts on those sites, read blogs and/or write your own, and turn to Google or Wikipedia whenever you have a burning factual question.


But how much do you know about the people who made the Internet possible?  If you’re like us, you just chuckled and thought, “Al Gore invented it.”





Time for you to click here for Wired.com’s comprehensive list of the first-ever Internet Hall of Fame inductees.  It does happen to include Al Gore, although it credits Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn as the inventors of the Internet.


After educating yourself on the workings of the “interwebs,” you can wish YouTube a happy birthday (seven years old!) by checking out the latest impressive stats from the site and re-watching a few of its 10 funniest videos…





Then use this seven-step process to increase your Klout score – an online measure of influence that could have the potential to make or break job applications, along with affecting your likelihood of receiving better discounts from certain retailers…

And tweet about squirrels using the #Squirrels4Good hashtag to get $1 donated to the National Wildlife Federation by the founder of Craigslist.  It’s all part of his experimental social media fundraiser.


You’ve been productive – pat yourself on the back and kick back with a signature cocktail this evening!  Cheers!