A beloved kids’ clothing brand came to The Motherhood for help in reaching moms online with key details about their stylish, age-appropriate fall fashions.

PHOTO CREDIT: Caryn, Rockin Mama


The Motherhood engaged a team of 40 carefully selected mom bloggers to join the program, which we kicked off with a virtual briefing session hosted by the brand and The Motherhood.  During the briefing, the brand educated and empowered the bloggers with behind-the-scenes access and information on the brand and its new offerings.

Following the briefing, four teams of 10 bloggers covered the following assignments:

1) Back-to-school blog photo journey (highly visual, personalized posts)
2) Sharing trends with friends (in-person meet-ups)
3) Instagram video kid fashion shows (short videos featuring the brand’s clothing)
4) Back-to-school Pinterest inspiration (dedicated Pinterest boards showcasing branded fashions)

Blog and social media coverage appeared on a strategically staggered schedule during the month of August, helping the kids’ clothing brand maintain a steady online presence throughout back-to-school shopping season.

The program resulted in more than 17 million total impressions and provided the brand with a robust presence on blogs and multiple social media platforms.