Last week, we had the honor of hosting a briefing session for WellPoint, one of the largest health benefits companies in the nation, with a wonderful group of bloggers.


The WellPoint representatives made the point that most of us think of health insurance as the bill-payer – but we can and should expect more. You need help keeping both you and your family healthy and out of the doctor’s office in the first place, and WellPoint – which operates under the names Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, depending on your state – offers plans tailored to meet your needs with programs, tools and services that work with you to personalize your health care experience and fit into your schedule.


Such a great (and needed) idea, right?!


Here are just a few of the WellPoint services we love:


24/7 NurseLine:  When your doctor has gone home but you need quick health answers, this service provides accurate info and 1-on-1 counseling with experienced registered nurses any time of the day or night through a toll-free number.


Future Moms: Not only does the company help you tackle the day-to-day challenges of being a mom, but it also helps you before you actually take on that role, through its Future Moms maternity program.  This program gives very personalized support to expectant moms, helping them achieve healthier pregnancies and healthier deliveries – which can lead to having healthier babies.


Personalizing Your Health:  Knowing that moms have little time in their day to focus on just themselves, WellPoint and its affiliated health plans have provided a health and wellness portal that you can customize to your needs.  The portal lets you – and other family members (yes, Dads too!) – develop a personalized health plan and includes email reminders and prompts for you to do the things you need to do – like scheduling check-ups and working out.


Fitness to Fit Your Lifestyle: Being a mom often times means putting your family’s needs before your own, leaving very little time to work on your personal fitness goals.  Understanding this, WellPoint and its affiliated health plans have partnered with FitOrbit to offer convenient and affordable ways for you to achieve your personal fitness goals.


Thank you to the WellPoint team and our amazing team of bloggers for helping spread the word about the promising future of health insurance!