The Motherhood is honored to be working with the United Nations Foundation for the second year in a row in support of Shot@Life, a movement dedicated to protecting children worldwide by providing vaccines for kids who need them most.

Today is the kick-off for Blogust, a month-long blog relay with 31 incredible bloggers, each writing one post about a milestone in a child’s life.  Today on August 1, Rebecca Woolf wrote a gorgeous post about memories starting at age 1, and tomorrow Casey Mullens will write about milestones for two years olds, and then each day of the month, the Blogust bloggers will write about milestones for kids by age – on August 3, a three year old, on August 4, a four year old, up to a ‘kid’ age 31 on the last day of the month.

Most importantly, for every comment on all 31 blog posts, Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need.  Incredible, right?  Our goal is 50,000 vaccines.

Please visit the Blogust blogs every day and comment!   Sign up here to receive a reminder email each day in August so you can add your voice and contribute a vaccine every day of Blogust.  Or, be sure to visit Blogust or check back here to see the list of the blog posts for a quick and easy way to view and comment.

August 1: Rebecca Woolf, Girl’s Gone Child – The Power of Post-Its

August 2: Casey Mullins, Moosh in Indy – Being Two is Universal: Let’s Help Every Kid Get There (and Beyond)

August 3: Sili Recio, My Mamihood – The Year of Three

August 4: Dresden Shumaker, Creating Motherhood – Finding Yourself at Four: A Post Inspired by Shot@Life

August 5: How Amanda Peet Is Helping Children Everywhere — and How You Can, Too

August 6: Polly Pagenheart, Lesbian Dad – He Enjoys Being a Boy

August 7: Jessica Ashley, Sassafrass – Unexpected Milestones

August 8: Rachel Faucett, Handmade Charlotte – Being 8 is Great!

August 9: Amy Lupold Bair, Resourceful Mommy – And Suddenly… Nine!

August 10: Sheila Dowd, Xiaolin Mama – Double Digits = Double Trouble

August 11: Ellen Seidman, Love That Max – 11 Summers for Max, 11 More Summers for a Child in Need

August 12: Fred Goodall, Mocha Dad – Taylor Swift Helps Me to Better Understand My 12-Year Old Daughter

August 13: Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Squidalicious – The Coolness of Being Thirteen

August 14: Denene Millner, My Brown Baby – Raising 14-Year-Olds Ain’t For Punks: Learning How To Let My Baby Spread Her Wings & Fly

August 15: Carmen Stacier, Mom to the Screaming Masses – Fifteen Brings Changes – Shot@Life

August 16: Tanis Miller, Redneck Mommy – Sixteen and Saving The World

August 17: Migdalia, Latina on a Mission – 17 Full of Possibilities

August 18: Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Black and Married with Kids – More Than 18 Years of Parenting and I Still Have a Lot to Learn

August 19: Liz Gumbinner, MOM-101, Hey Nineteen: A post to save lives

August 20: Guy Kawasaki – 20 Thoughts for My 20-Year-Old Son

August 21: Jill Nystul, One Good Things – Tips for Parenting Adult (or “Emerging Adult”) Children

August 22: Chloe Jeffreys, Chloe of the Mountain – Love You Forever

August 23: Jeff Sass, Dad-O-Matic – “23 Skidoo” (and Comment for a Cause)

August 24: Darryle Pollack – 24: The Best Gift

August 25: Lucrecer Braxton, Lucrecer – Celebrating 25 **Shot @ Life**

August 26: Caryn Payzant, The Midlife Guru – Fate or Destiny?

August 27: Kelly Wickham, Mocha Momma – Wedding Milestones: A Life-Saving Post

August 28: Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan – Lessons from my 28th Year

August 29: Sasha Alexander – Actress Sasha Alexander Reflects on Being 29

August 30: Sharon Couto, Mom Generations – My baby turns 30, one milestone at a time ~ #Blogust 2013