No matter who you are or what your situation, every one of us has moments when we need to hear, “You are loved,” “There is a plan,” and most of all, “You are enough.”

The Beauty of Grace,” written by a longtime friend of The Motherhood, Dawn Camp, is an amazing reminder of these very things and so much more. With a compilation of stories that speak to purpose, perspective, surrendering and worship, this book is like a modern day devotional, made up of honest stories from everyday men and women.

Beauty of Grace Book Review

Dawn’s photography pairs beautifully with the inspirational stories she’s compiled. For example:

Arianne Segerman candidly speaks to a feeling many of us struggle with — inadequacy. From Pinterest-perfect homes to Facebook-induced feelings of competition, she reminds us that for each of us there is a different plan. Instead of trying to keep up, work to refine your edges, those very edges that allow you to forget how truly blessed you are. And most importantly, remember your blessings don’t have to look like others’.

Shannon Lowe shares her Sunday morning with us, and her strategy for getting through the week — from a heartbroken kid or the mess in the bedroom to a friend struggling with divorce or the dog that throws up on the carpet — she anchors herself in His grace because she knows “…in Him all things hold together.”

Rachel Anne Ridge reminds us that when we’ve come to a personal “stop sign” on our path, it’s just that — a moment to pause and assess what’s ahead. It doesn’t mean you stop and stay, or turn around or quit. Rather, stop long enough to “gather wisdom, get the lay of the land, look around and move forward slowly.” The road ahead may present you with unexpected curves, but that’s why stopping to assess your situation can help you to stay on track throughout your journey.

Beauty of Grace Book Review

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Positioned as an invitation to “slow down, take a deep breath and know that you are loved,” this book will inspire, enlighten and comfort anyone who picks it up.

The Motherhood was provided with a copy of “The Beauty of Grace” for review. All opinions expressed are our own.