The unapologetic truth, saying no to working for free and what brands can do better; Muffy, of Brown Mamas, is sharing it all with The Motherhood this month!

As our featured blogger in May, Muffy delves into some of the greatest challenges when working on brand programs, what inspires her and where she sees the greatest engagement with her content. She also offers great advice for those interested in starting a blog, and shares about one of her favorite programs.

Read more below and give Muffy and the moms at Brown Mamas a shout out at @TheBrownMama.

Brown Mamas

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How does the Blogger Spotlight Series work?

Each month, our internal team convenes and discusses our latest programs, stellar partnerships and top-performing influencers. It’s not about numbers, but rather, the quality, authentic content they’re delivering consistently. It’s about reliability, professionalism and partnership. We discuss our nominations for the month and ultimately decide on just one blogger to invite as our featured blogger. Stop back June 1 for the next blogger spotlight!