On behalf of California Pizza Kitchen and the Balance Your Plate initiative, The Motherhood identified 20 top online influencers to learn how California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen pizzas can be a part of balanced, nutritious meal, and to showcase the pizzas’ quality ingredients and unique flavors to their online audiences.

The Motherhood introduced the program via an interactive virtual briefing, directly connecting brand representatives with the influencers in real time. The opportunity gave the blogger team exclusive access to the brand and the chance to ask questions about California Pizza Kitchen and Balance Your Plate.

Using ingredients they received before the campaign began (such as pizza and salad toppers), the bloggers also developed balanced meals in their own homes, incorporating fresh foods with frozen ones for quick, easy family meals. Combining their own experiences with information they learned in the briefing, each influencer published a blog post to share messaging and tips for creating simple, balanced meals. The team also cross-promoted their blog posts to their social media channels throughout the campaign period.

At the end of the blog tour, The Motherhood and bloggers co-hosted an hour-long Twitter party sharing Balance Your Plate tips and information on California Pizza Kitchen.

To measure shifts in perception, purchase intent and the usefulness of the Balance Your Plate resources, The Motherhood surveyed the bloggers before and after the campaign.

Quick look at results:

P&G Influencer Case Study

Breakdown of results:

The frequency with which bloggers planned to incorporate frozen meals and pizzas into their weekly menus increased overall between the start and end of the program, and 80 percent of respondents planned on incorporating them at least once a week. At the conclusion of the campaign, 100 percent of blogger participants said they plan on serving frozen meals such as CPK pizzas along with sides such as vegetables and fruits – a key goal of the Balance Your Plate initiative.

In total, the program generated nearly 50 million blog and social media impressions on behalf of California Pizza Kitchen and Balance Your Plate and resulted in positive, high-quality digital content that will appear in web searches for years to come.

Featured image courtesy of Anne, Upstate Ramblings.