March 21 is #SingleParentsDay. Join us and Angel Soft in celebrating these amazing parents!

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Did you know that every day, more than 12 million moms and dads are raising their kids as single parents? Eighty-four percent of those single-parent households are single mother families, and 16 percent are single father families. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

Whether it’s the result of an unexpected pregnancy, death or divorce, or if the path to single parenthood is by choice, single parents assume an incredible amount of responsibility in raising their kids, fulfilling the role of two parents. They’re often solely responsible for the well-being and upbringing of these children, and — in the process of juggling their own careers, finances, childcare, homework and more — are often stigmatized and face misconceptions about single parenting.

That’s why we’re working with Angel Soft to recognize these incredible everyday heroes. Take a look at their heartwarming tribute to single parents here:

Together with Angel Soft, we’ve worked to recognized a group of influencers who are truly doing it all as single parents or understand the significance of the role as they were raised by a single parent. Here are some of life lessons they’ve learned:

Shanaka, A Blender Mom: “There were some people that actually told me as a child that I was doomed in life because I came from a broken home. I proudly declared my house was not broken and my Mom was all I needed. Divorced family kids or kids raised by one parent aren’t as messed up as some seem to think. I think I function in society just as well as those who come from a ‘traditional’ family. I know that my single mom raised me all right on her own and that’s all that matters. She had no child support from my bio dad. She was great at hiding the tired eyes of being both mom and dad for me. My childhood is proof that you can thrive with just one parent. She didn’t set out to be a single parent, she just wanted to be the best parent for me and that’s exactly what she was and is.

Sharon, Discover Explore Learn: “For every rough day, there are many more fantastic ones. Life with kids, whether you’re parenting alone or with a partner, is full of challenges, as well as joy and laughter. Children are inspiring, and they truly make life worth living. The hard days, which are few and far between, are easily forgotten when you focus on all the good times.”

Nicole, Pretty Opinionated: “I think as single parents, we try really hard to be both the best mom AND the best dad a kid could ever have. We spread ourselves super thin, overcompensate, send mixed signals to our kids and end up feeling like we have split personalities at times. Here’s the thing: you’re never going to take the place of the absent parent, and that’s okay.”

Jessica, A Southern Mother: “Helping out a single parent and honoring them on National Single Parent’s Day is simple. You could encourage a single parent by volunteering an afternoon of childcare, helping with errands, host a play date, or even something as simple as a cooking dinner. Many single parents who don’t have family living close by are grateful for any help or assistance that they can get.”

Maria, Sammy Makes Six: “As hard as being a single parent was, I would not trade a single second of it. Those years are the ones that shaped me into the person that I am today, those are the years where I found out my worth as a person … even though we struggled at first, we never stopped living. We had our yearly trips to Disney, we were always out on weekends, and I was able to spoil them later for what they lacked those first years. I was not, still am not, the perfect parent — but I have always tried my best. My oldest girls are now all over the age of 21, we made it! When I see a young single mom or dad, I think back to my days in their position and wish I could tell them that it’s going to be ok, I want to tell them that they are doing a great job. I don’t think single parents hear that enough.”

Are you or do you have a single parent in your life? Be sure to recognize how amazing they are on #SingleParentsDay!