Here at The Motherhood, we love when communities work together! We had an incredible opportunity recently to work with bloggers in communities all over the United States as they collaborated with local teachers on an art-related project inspired by Blick Art Room Aid.

 Blick Art Room Aid is a program that was begun by Blick Art Materials to give art educators the resources to equip their classes for success! As arts education funding is being cut, unfortunately, in many school districts, this program has created a way for teachers to continue fostering creativity and art appreciation in the classroom.

How it works: Teachers create wish lists consisting of art supplies for specific projects or general needs. These wish lists are published online, and potential sponsors can view the lists and make contributions by either selecting specific supplies to purchase and donate or by making a monetary contribution to the art project.

Blick has also supported art education in other ways, such as sponsoring art scholarships and offering online lesson plans for teachers. They understand the importance of community collaboration and supporting arts education and creativity in our kids, and that is one of the many reasons that we love Blick!

The Motherhood is super excited to have the opportunity to help a classroom right here in our area. We’re collecting contributions for a local preschool and we can’t wait to get beautiful art materials into the kids’ hands!

Check out the list we made for the school HERE! If you’re inclined to make a contribution of even a dollar or two, it will be much appreciated.

How important do YOU think art is in your children’s education? Ninety-seven percent of the general population feel it’s important to expose children to art in school. Learn more with this interesting infographic from Blick!