Valentine’s Day is coming up next week – and it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality crafting time with your kids!


Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda joined us in The Motherhood today for a live video demonstration of her Valentine’s mosaics.  Along with her six craft blogger co-hosts, she helped us think outside the paper heart when it comes to Valentine’s creations.


Watch Amanda on video to learn how to make her Valentine’s mosaics!



Here are some top crafts to try this week:


Heidi of Honeybear Lane suggested these cereal box Valentine’s holders.


Carissa of Carissa’s Creativity Space posted a roundup of photo Valentines. “I love those Valentines where you take a picture of your kid holding his fist out and then you poke an actual sucker into the photo,” said Heidi of Honeybear Lane.


“This is another fun ‘hands on’ Valentine card you can make with your [younger]  kids,” Carissa added, posting the link to a tutorial for a Valentine reading “thumb-body loves you,” using your child’s thumbprint.


“I did a quick and dirty Vday project using dollar store candles,” said Breanna of Dollar Store Mom.


“For older kids, maybe try Quilling. It’s simple, inexpensive, and very elegant!” added Jenny of Craft Test Dummies.


Slightly younger kids might enjoy helping you make these Valentine-themed Lego minifig soaps, also suggested by Jenny of Craft Test Dummies.


“I think this [I Love You sign language card] would make a great in-class project” for younger kids, added Carissa of Carissa’s Creativity Space.


And if you’re looking for inspiration for gifting your significant other, Lisa at Condo Blues suggested this hand-stitched love note.


For Valentine’s snacks:


“Instead of chocolate, I made my husband his favorite shortbread decorated with hearts!” said Lisa of Condo Blues.


Added Heidi of Honeybear Lane, “These are a fun and easy V-day treat that your kids could help make. Dip fortune cookies in chocolate and sprinkles!”


“If you like sugar, these love bug cupcakes are fun. Easy to make with your kids, too!” said Carissa of Carissa’s Creativity Space.


Great craft tips:


“My tip for craft supplies – read reviews BEFORE you buy! Make sure you’ve got the right products for your job and budget! That’s why I started my blog in the first place- to educate crafters!” said Jenny at Craft Test Dummies.


For paint – I think that Plaid is a great brand because it’s thick, but I have used lots of Decoart too,” said Heidi of Honeybear Lane.


Replied Lisa of Condo Blues, “I’m experimenting with the Martha Stewart Craft Paints. I like that you can use them on wood, metal, glass, and fabric.”


For adding sparkle, “the Martha Stewart Glitter is worth it. The bestest!” said Jenny at Craft Test Dummies.


“Glitter paint and glitter glues are great, but drying time can definitely be a factor. Always keep that in mind depending on how long you have for your project,” added Amanda of Crafts by Amanda.


For adhesives, “I don’t like rubber cement for things that you might want to keep around for awhile…the adhesive breaks down fairly quickly,” said Jenny of Craft Test Dummies. She prefers “the Elmer’s Craft Bond glue sticks. Great adhesion and they don’t dry out so quickly!”


Visit our host and co-hosts for more great craft ideas!


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