Did you know that the amount of video uploaded in one month is currently more than the amount that all three TV networks combined have created in 30 years*?

The role of video in social marketing, especially live video, continues to become more and more important. Last week, The Motherhood attended Social Fresh 2016 and heard from Facebook Live experts, including digital content creator Sarah Evans and The Weather Channel’s Jennifer Watson, who shared their Facebook Live video tips, particularly how to run and promote such videos effectively.

A recent survey from the Firebrand Group found that 93.3 percent of marketers are currently using video for the purpose of building awareness, and Founder & CEO Jeremy Goldman predicts that we’ll soon see marketers turning to video to meet sales and customer service needs as well. He also mentioned that marketers are moving from YouTube and other video platforms to Facebook because that is where valuable engagement is found.

To further prove the point that Facebook Live video is valuable content, Evans shared that people spend three times longer watching a live video compared to video which is no longer live. With marketers placing more and more importance on engagement over sheer impressions, we can only expect to see more of an emphasis on live video in the near future.

With all of this attention turning to video, we wanted to share some of the tips we took away from the Facebook Live video experts at Social Fresh 2016!

When and why should your brand use Facebook Live?   

  • To communicate hot-button issues.
  • To provide a behind-the-scenes look.
  • For interviews.
  • To broadcast a regularly scheduled program.

Tips before recording: 

  • Always test connection prior to going live!
  • Facebook recommends broadcasting for at least ten minutes, and content creator Evans suggests broadcasting at least 20 minutes.
  • Experiment with time of day and see when your engagement and active viewers peak. For example, Watson says The Weather Channel has the highest number of live video viewers in the mornings and evenings (after 3 p.m.).
  • Good-quality lighting and audio equipment is worth the investment if you are regularly broadcasting live.
  • Stay away from exclusively recording from a phone or tablet.
  • Don’t kill time just to fill time. Record with a purpose and have your content ready.

Tips for after recording:

  • Always save video right away when you’ve finished.
  • Promote the video with a boosted post after the broadcast.
  • If an influencer creates a Facebook Live video for a brand, the brand can and should boost it on their own page.
  • You can create an edited version of the Facebook Live video to promote with an ad.
  • Facebook just rolled out new Video Metrics! Look for your audience’s demographics, engagement on shares and more.

For more Facebook Live video tips, take a look at Social Media Today’s Three Ways to Use Facebook Live Video after the broadcast is live.

*Source: J. Goldman

Do you broadcast live? We’d love to hear your best Facebook Live video tips!