Did you know that since it debuted in 2016, Facebook Live has streamed 3.5 billion broadcasts?  

The role of video in social marketing, especially live video, continues to become more and more important. The live video experience is social at its core, and on average, they generate six times more interactions than regular video, and daily average broadcasts from verified publisher Pages have increased 1.5 times over the past year due to Facebook Live use (source).

Marketers, publishers and consumers of media ALL want to break through the clutter, and Facebook Live is a great vehicle to help achieve that: Facebook Live videos continue to show up in the news feed since they encourage engagement.

Have you gone live yet? Below, we share some tips on how to make the most of your Facebook Live broadcasts.

When and why should your brand use Facebook Live?   

  • To connect with your audience in a real, human way.
  • To communicate hot-button issues.
  • To connect communities during a crisis or share urgent information.
  • To provide a behind-the-scenes look.
  • To give viewers a glimpse into your life or company culture.
  • For interviews.
  • To broadcast a regularly scheduled program or event.

Tips before recording:

  • Promote the upcoming Facebook Live event with a post on your page an hour or two in advance to give your organic followers a reminder.
  • Always test your Internet connection and ensure your device is fully charged prior to going live! It’s always a good idea to have a backup device ready as well.
  • To get comfortable and practice, you can restrict privacy settings so that only you can see the live video. (Under Live Video settings window, on the right-hand side, there is a padlock; click on that and choose the “Only Me” option.)
  • Facebook recommends broadcasting for at least ten minutes. Experiment with time of day and see when your engagement and active viewers peak (this information can be found within Facebook’s analytics).
  • Good-quality lighting and audio equipment is worth the investment if you are regularly broadcasting live.
  • Make sure your lighting is appropriate (face the window instead of having your device facing the window), and if you can, remove glasses to eliminate the glare on the screen!
  • If you’re using a phone or tablet, don’t shy away from recording with the device horizontally. It shows more of your surroundings to help viewers place you in context, and the formatting works better in the news feed.
  • Once you’ve connected to wifi, make sure to switch your device to Airplane Mode! In this setting, you won’t get calls or other notifications that could disrupt or be a distraction to your video.
  • Don’t kill time just to fill time. Record with a purpose and have your content ready.

Tips during the broadcast:

  • Acknowledge your audience! Answer questions or thank commentators verbally by name for their input.
  • If you are hosting a broadcast in which you expect a steady volume of questions, have a colleague or friend help field them (some can be answered via text and some verbally).
  • Encourage interaction. Static Facebook posts that encourage likes, shares, comments and other engagement are penalized for seeming spammy. But, encouraging these during a Facebook Live broadcast gives viewers an actionable request and may help make your content or call-to-action more visible the more times it is liked or shared.

Tips for after recording:

  • Once a Live Video is created, it will live on your Facebook page (up to 500 videos can live on your page).
  • Pin the video to the top of your feed to increase video views.
  • Promote the video with a boosted post after the broadcast to target and extend the reach beyond your organic followers.
  • If an influencer creates a Facebook Live video for a brand, the brand can and should boost it on their own page.
  • You can create an edited version of the Facebook Live video to promote with an ad.
  • You can upload a custom thumbnail, with a graphic overlay if you’d like, to convey the topic of the video.
  • Respond in a comment to anyone you may have missed during the chat to increase engagement.
  • Captioning the video is another option post-recording, which is helpful for those viewers who tend to scroll through Facebook on mute!
  • Take a look at your Insights, and if you have a high-performing video, you can make it a more prominent “featured video” on your page.

Do you broadcast live? We’d love to hear your best Facebook Live video tips!