Whether you’ve suffered a loss or made your way along the difficult road to recovery, chances are your life has been touched by cancer.

For the past 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been part of that journey – advocating to effect change, fundraising to help scientists work to find a cure, encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle changes and do everything in their own power to stay cancer-free.

This year, The Motherhood is helping honor the American Cancer Society’s 100 years of remarkable progress.

ACS logo

The Motherhood is working with the American Cancer Society to organize and host a blog program and Twitter party. All thoughts in this post are our own.

On May 22, 2013, the organization celebrates its centennial birthday, and we will be holding a Twitter party to help them “make noise” online with the hashtag #FinishtheFight – because although they have accomplished much, there is more to do.

Join us in this “Moment Against Silence Day” online assault on cancer, visit the American Cancer Society’s website to pledge to help them finish the fight, and head over to Facebook, where their Life List app will go live in late April. You can share your accomplishments, aspirations and hope for the future of cancer with your friends and followers.

Our hope for the future: Celebrating the anniversary of the day cancer’s finished.