The “Kirtsy Girls” – Gabrielle Blair, Laura Mayes, Laurie Sandwick and Sarah Bryden-Brown – led an inspiring live Talk in The Motherhood on the BEST of the Alt Design Summit, the premier conference for design and lifestyle bloggers.  Here are the top “Aha Moments” from Alt Summit from the Talk:


“For me, it was listening to Pinterest founder, Ben Silbermann’s, keynote address, and realizing just how much work and thought went into Pinterest.  The AHA! was just me accepting the fact that really cool things require really hard work.” – Gabrielle Blair


“Some bloggers said Pinterest is their #1 driver of traffic.” – mkofoed, member of The Motherhood


“People really thought hard about how to make an impression with their (business) cards, and it was so worth it. Not only are these cards memorable, but they give you a great jumping off point for conversation with someone you’ve just met. “Oh wow – I love your card!”  We did a roundup of great cards on Kirtsy.” – Laurie Smithwick


“An awesome tip: Use Prezi for your presentations!”  – Laura Mayes


“Collaboration. Original Content. Work Hard. Value Your Work. Be Smart about Legal Issues.” – Leslie, Lights and Letters


“I was amazed at how much of Alt was on Instagram. An iPhone is really a must-have accessory at Alt (and so many white ones!) and Instagram just does such a great job of making every photo look special.” – Laurie Smithwick


“Someone asked me once why people talked so much about what to wear to Alt Summit, and I told them I think it’s because that’s how design-y people honor each other — we pay attention to the details.” – Gabrielle Blair


“Alt makes me believe anything is possible because so many people are so passionate about what they want to achieve. The next big thing as I saw it was collaboration.” – Sarah Bryden-Brown


“Alt is ABSOLUTELY a breeding ground for ideas. I never come home from Alt without BIG plans for BIG new things in my life. As Sarah said last year, if Alt were a city, I would give anything to live there all the time.  There would be no end to the creating, and to do so surrounded by love and support, would be incredible.”  –  Laurie Smithwick


“It’s really inspirational. So no matter what you’re working on …. in any profession, you can be inspired. In one session, I sat next to a gentleman who was probably in his 70s…he’s never blogged….he’s an architect who comes every year for creative inspiration and discussions.” – Laura Mayes.


Thank you fabulous Kirtsy girls and The Motherhood for a GREAT conversation!  We’re off to do some creating!


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