Last week, in The Motherhood’s Work Life Balance Talk, Christine Koh of Boston Mamas suggested that what we all need to do is to take #10minutes for ourselves every day.


Of course, we all said ‘yes, great idea!’ right before saying, ‘darn, why is that so hard?’ So clever girl that she is, Christine suggested we all challenge ourselves to take just #10minutes a day to relax, do whatever we want, have fun, breathe, or take care of ourselves in some way.  Time just for us, without guilt.  And we could share with each other what we do with our time, how it feels and inspire each other along the way.


So, the #10minutes For Me Challenge was born.


Today in The Motherhood we kicked off the #10minutes for Me Challenge with a fantastic conversation among the most wonderful bloggers all sharing their favorite ways to carve out some time for themselves.  Now we are all charged up to actually DO IT, to take ten minutes every day for ourselves!


Check out their inspiring ideas and let us know how you most like to spend your #10minutes of downtime!


Twenty Ways To Take #10minutes for Yourself


1.) Run or Stretch.  “”A 10 minute run is better than no run … A 10 minute run feels awesome. You sweat and feel like you’ve done something, but it isn’t the commitment of spending an hour on the pavement.  But if you hate running, or don’t want to get sweaty, STRETCHING is one of the best things you can do for yourself.” – Christine, Boston Mamas


2.) Read a Book. “I read a lot. I’ll just sit on my bed and open a book. It lets me shut off everything else.” – temysmom


3.) Browse Pinterest. “I know I love to browse Pinterest in any free time I get – sometimes that leaks over into more than 10 minutes though!” – Tesa, 2 Wired 2 Tired


4.) Take Photos. “My everyday life is my muse. I use my photography (specifically Instagram) to get the little bursts of creative Me Time I need throughout the day. It works wonders for me!” – Tracey, Shutter Sisters


5.) Send a Card. “I try to send a card or letter to a friend once a week- #10minutes is all I need and it really lifts me up.” – Steph, Adventures in Babywearing


6.) Shower. “I take a hot shower with some aromatherapy! Peppermint is very invigorating!” – Diane, Turning the Clock Back


7.) Drive. “I enjoy ME time in my car!” – Liz, Thoughts of a Mommy


8.) Drink Tea. “I’ve started daily ‘tea time.’ The kids have figured out which kind they like. We sip tea, have a little snack, and then each person goes to their space for some quiet time.” – Julie, Using My Words


9.) Write. “I’ve started keeping a worry journal. Whenever I catch myself worrying about stuff, I write it down and save it for later. Clears my mind for more productive thinking, for a few minutes, anyway.” – Liz, This Full House


10.) Open a Magazine. “I’m such a magazine addict. HGTV Magazine is one of my new favorites. But I am starting to enjoy the style magazines like InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar.” – Mary, Everyday Baby Steps


11.) Get Outside. “In the summer, I weed the herb or flower gardens. It can be so relaxing to be outside in the nice weather playing in the dirt.” – Ellen, Confessions of an Overworked Mom


12.) Start a Playlist. “My new thing? Putting together playlists in Spotify. Finding new music, combining just the right songs in the right order and having a neat selection to listen to while working.” – Julie, Using My Words


13.) Make a Coffee Run. “Sometimes honestly my #10minutes is the car ride to the Starbucks drive-thru. My tunes, ALONE AND QUIET and caffeine.” – Steph, Adventures in Babywearing


14.) Walk the Dog. “Dogs are a great motivator to go walk. I call my walks “gratitude walks” and try to focus on all the things around me that I am grateful for. It’s a good perspective changer.” – Tracey, Shutter Sisters


15.) Phone a Friend. “I like to take #10minutes to call and catch up with a friend while waiting for kids in the carpool lane.” – Liz, This Full House


16.) Play Games. “I play Words With Friends or Sims Social on Facebook – such silly guilty pleasures.” – Mary, Everyday Baby Steps


17.) Do a Home Manicure. “I paint my nails. I’m always so impatient and can never wait for them to dry but if I had the time they just might come out perfect for once!” – Tesa, 2 Wired 2 Tired


18.) Knit. “My biggest ‘guilty pleasure’ for me time is knitting. Usually sneak it in more than #10minutes but it’s such a wonderful and fulfilling pastime.” – Steph, Adventures in Babywearing


19.) Hit the Stores. “I am going shopping for my #10minutes to finally spend some Christmas money.” – Ellen, Confessions of an Overworked Mom


20.) Power Nap. “My mom is a champ at taking a 10 minute nap and waking up feeling refreshed.” – Tesa, 2 Wired 2 Tired



Thanks to our host and co-hosts for setting aside #10minutes+ for this Talk!


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