People give me funny looks when I tell them that I love visiting the dentist.


Since grade school, I’ve had a keen interest in keeping my chompers pearly white and cavity-free – so I brush, floss and rinse religiously. The result? A clean bill of dental health every six months for the past 20 years.


I know I’m in the minority, and it’s one of the reasons I love working with the team at LISTERINE. We recently completed our second blog tour encouraging good oral hygiene for families, a particular concern following the Halloween sugar rush. Since oral disease has become the number one chronic childhood disease, this issue is more important than ever.


Photo credit: Sheena Tatum, Sophistishe


We worked with an amazing team of bloggers to spread the word about the power of brushing, flossing and rinsing to maintain a healthy, happy mouth during our LISTERINE Sweet Smart Challenge in October.


Xenia of Thanks, Mail Carrier!, said of the challenge in her blog post, “By the time the Challenge ended, it was clear that Listerine Smart Rinse had made enough of an impact on our lives to be a permanent part of our routine. When we ventured out of town with the kids to a water park hotel to celebrate a few days off from school recently, my husband and I were scolded for forgetting to bring the bottles with us!”


Amanda of Multiples & More shared this cute photo of her kids’ brushing, flossing and rinsing routine in her blog post, and offered a bit of great advice: “For my family with this challenge, I really want to lead by example. The kiddos watch me brush my teeth and rinse every morning.”



Meagan of Sunshine and Sippy Cups noted that, as a result of participating in the Sweet Smart Challenge, “Now I know that they’ll have less scary cavities to fill, and I’ll have less scary dentist bills to pay!”


And Rachel of Yellow Tennessee concluded her challenge with excellent results: “The dreaded Halloween came and I was was thrilled to see Mario getting ready for bed after a night of trick or treating and candy. Toothbrush in hand, he was happy to be brushing and was excited to show me that he could still use the mouthwash all by himself.”



Photo Credits: Rachel Akers of Yellow Tennessee and Xenia Sundell of Thanks, Mail Carrier!


Great work on this challenge to everyone who participated!