We often hear new influencers asking about the benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency, and while we’ve addressed this from the brand point of view, there are numerous benefits to bloggers as well.

Many newcomers who are just getting their feet wet in terms of brand partnerships and sponsored content have inquired as to how agencies can benefit an influencer marketer’s career — both at the beginning and years into growing your business. The Motherhood serves as an entry into brand work for many, but also as a long-term partner with some of the most experienced content creators out there.

We’re deeply invested in the success of our bloggers, which is why we believe in the value of deep-rooted partnerships with our influencers. Here are some of the top benefits for content creators when it comes to working with an influencer marketing agency:

Changing the Industry, Together

We represent the voices, concerns and insights of our influencers to the industry, and we help change it (for the better) together. We go to bat for the influencers we represent to ensure content is produced authentically, creatively and fairly. As one example of this, when influencer marketing was still foreign to most marketers, The Motherhood was one of the very first to establish ethical payment standards for bloggers, compensating them for their time.

We know that blogger compensation is still not a given for all brands interested in executing an influencer campaign, but for us, it’s standard. Of course there are special exceptions or pro-bono campaigns that we donate our time to and invite select influencers to lend their voices to, but we aim to provide influencers with a competitive and fair compensation for their time, efforts and of course, valuable influence.

We Cut Through the Clutter

Members of The Motherhood team hail from the country’s top PR and marketing agencies. We understand agency/client dynamics, and we know details can change at a moment’s notice.

The benefit to influencers: The Motherhood team is skilled at condensing changing requirements, messaging and many other details that go into creating a campaign. We minimize the back-and-forth for influencers, ensuring participants receive complete and final campaign information to the extent that we’re able.

We also manage the campaign timeline, ensuring that influencers receive a project brief with adequate time to produce creative, high-quality content. We enable you to produce your best work by giving you the right information and the right amount of time and eliminating time-consuming email exchanges.

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We’re Your Biggest Cheerleaders

No one knows your audiences better than you, and we help communicate that – and your value – to brands. When you deliver content that’s fresh, creative and exciting, we can’t wait to showcase that to our brand clients, calling out the phenomenal job you’ve done on their behalf. When an influencer goes above and beyond during the course of a campaign, that extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed; we make sure the brand is aware of those standout performances.

Plus, as measurement of influencer marketing and social media continues to evolve, we keep up with the current standards and help translate the work of our influencers into meaningful and impactful metrics that our clients can showcase both internally and externally. That, in turn, may mean longer-term relationships between brands and influencers versus one-off programs.

We Provide Consistent Opportunities 

Whether you’re new to blogging or a veteran, it’s common to have business ebbs and flows throughout the course of a year, especially when you may not have as much time to proactively identify and pitch potential brand partners.

Another one of the key benefits of an influencer marketing agency like The Motherhood is that we have a pipeline of campaign opportunities throughout the year, and influencers don’t have to spend time pitching The Motherhood for the program. We pitch you to the brand sponsor, so when we invite you to join a campaign, it’s because we’ve identified, vetted and selected you personally for a program we believe aligns well with you and your readers.

We Provide Tools for Tracking and Handle Reporting

The influencer marketing industry has greatly evolved as of late, clients are always looking for results and proof of return on investment. We know the value of what you do as an influencer, so its important to us to make sure clients are getting the full picture. It is extremely important to well document your sponsored blog and social media posts, tracking reach, engagement and results generated as well as reporting them to the client in a frame that is most beneficial.

Our team of analytics experts, combined with our tracking tools in The Mometer, ensure that results are accurately and effectively reported to the client. We gleam insights into campaigns that prove how impactful your work is. In turn, clients are more likely to continue influencer marketing efforts and hire you again.

Work with The Motherhood

We love to maintain ongoing, two-way communication with our influencers — whether that’s by meeting face-to-face at blogging conferences, by asking for your opinion on our surveys, chatting with you via social media or elsewhere. This dialogue helps strengthen our relationship so that we can provide you with even more opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to start blogging professionally, or if you’re a veteran in the industry, The Motherhood is your partner in making opportunities happen. We’ll grow and evolve with you, we’ll continue to shape the industry together, and we’ll help you achieve your goals as an influencer.

The Motherhood is the original influencer marketing agency, bridging the gap between influential voices online and brands and organizations for more than a decade. To experience the benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency, join The Motherhood: http://tmotherhood.wpengine.com/network/join-our-network/.