On September 26, industry pioneer and The Motherhood’s fearless leader, CEO Cooper Munroe, is off to this year’s Influencer Marketing Days Conference to share her insights on the advantages of working with micro-influencers, and what to expect by incorporating them into marketing strategy and planning.

Influencer Marketing Days is an annual conference held in New York City for anyone interested in learning more about running marketing campaigns with online influencers. This year’s conference will include some expert speakers alongside Cooper who will cover the industry’s challenges and best practices.

Cooper recently participated in a Q&A with the conference coordination team, where she shares more about The Motherhood, challenges within the influencer marketing industry and a sneak peek of her session: “Micro-Influencers, Major Impact.” Take a look at the full interview here, and here’s what she had to say about why interested marketers should take note of her presentation:

“Reach and influence aren’t always closely correlated; influence can happen at any level. A micro-influencer may influence a larger portion of his or her followers than a celebrity influencer. Because they are working hard to provide engaging content and grow their reach, micro-influencers generally put forth greater effort on behalf of a brand project as they build a community of followers and gain their trust. That translates to a strong degree of influence and meaningful engagement with a targeted audience. We have real-world examples of how micro-influencers made a huge impact on behalf of a brand, which is some of what marketers can expect to learn during my session.”

If you’d like to learn more from Cooper and others, we have a special discount code you can use to attend Influencer Marketing Days and hear Cooper’s presentation live! Use the code IMDMunroe to save 15 percent on your registration. Don’t forget to say hi to Cooper while you’re there!