Exciting things have been happening for The Motherhood this year, including winning Social Media Team of the Year (awarded by PR News) and Agency of the Year (awarded by PRSA Pittsburgh). We have been working on some big things behind the scenes, as well.

The Motherhood is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new program management platform, The Mometer!


We could not do what we do without our wonderful network of influencers and clients, so with them in mind, we developed this platform for seamless collaboration and community. The Mometer is a robust campaign management and insights and analytics system that will enable us to work with influencers and clients easily and efficiently, providing 24/7 access to campaign metrics.

The Mometer

High-Tech + High-Touch

At The Motherhood, we take the time to really get to know our influencers. Human-centered data drives everything we do, because we know that influencers are real people with individual interests, not just buckets of topics or monthly views. We strongly believe that when marketers take the time to understand the influencer, that is when campaigns will perform at their best. The Mometer allows us to collect smarter, useful data that informs our influencer marketing strategy and reporting.

We’ve found that many automated influencer marketing platforms are automated to a fault. At a minimum, you lose the human element that creates valuable relationships that lead to powerful results. However, some worst-case scenarios involve hundreds of hours of damage control because an automated system led to a mistake that cost a brand dearly — not just in dollars, but in reputation as well.

The Mometer is the perfect mix of human interaction and streamlined dashboards. While The Mometer will simplify many aspects of the campaign process for both brands and influencers, our hands-on approach will remain, and as always, we will continue to provide personal support from The Motherhood’s senior staff throughout all of our campaigns.

The Mometer

For influencers, The Mometer serves as a central base for our campaigns together, clearly laying out deadlines and campaign to-dos, and providing easy opt-in for participation. Unlike other platforms, influencers do not apply for or bid on opportunities through The Mometer. Instead, we hand-select, vet and invite each influencer for each campaign, based on our relationships with them and self-provided data within their profile, which is why it’s important for influencers to keep their profiles completely filled out and up to date!

We are actively extending invitations for The Motherhood’s network of influencers to gain access to The Mometer! If you are not yet a part of our network, gain access to The Mometer by filling out this registration form.

The Mometer

The Mometer

Our client portal is currently in its final stages of development. When it launches, clients will receive 24/7 access to campaign performance during the program timeframe and beyond. Metrics will be just a mouse-click away, making reporting quicker and easier than ever before!

In the meantime, brands and agencies can email us to learn how we can work together to leverage our expertise and The Mometer to build authentic and effective influencer marketing campaigns.