Over the past week, The Motherhood has had the pleasure of working with a lovely group of bloggers, many of whom are current or former teachers and homeschoolers, to share the news about a great contest with H&R Block (ending this Friday, March 14).


Each year, taxpayers leave a billion dollars behind when they do their own taxes – and that is a huge number that can be challenging to visualize! H&R Block’s How Big Is A Billion contest invites teachers and homeschool educators to work with their students to come up with a concrete example of just how big one billion dollars really is.

“It seems like all the talk in education these days is about math and science, and I love the idea of finding ways to help kids understand big numbers,” Maegen at Sounds Fun Mom noted in her blog post. “I know we could use some help with that around here, since Henry is constantly announcing that we owe him eleventy times infinity million dollars, or something similar.”

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The How Big Is A Billion contest offers classroom grants of up to $3,000 for the best example of how big a billion is, and the first 50 educators to enter will receive a $50 gift card to help purchase supplies for their classrooms.

Vicky at Mess for Less told us, “Having been a teacher, I know what an amazing difference $3,000 would have made in the life of my students. I also know how much of my own money I spent on my classroom to provide my students with the best experiences possible.”

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Approaching the problem from a true kid perspective, Julie at Julieverse calculated, “$1 billion dollars would buy 125,156,445 three-topping large pizzas from Dominos (Monday-Thursday pricing). Whoa. That’s a lot of pizza.”


It’s your turn, teachers and homeschoolers!! Visit the How Big Is A Billion contest page on Facebook to see the rules and submit your example before Friday. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We helped H&R Block facilitate this paid blogger campaign. All opinions and thoughts are our own.