For the past six months, I’ve been eyeing my drawer full of old college t-shirts and considering whether it might be time to part with them. They’ve served me for years, mostly as pajamas or workout gear, and age has taken its toll.

But recently, Project Repat, a service that upcycles old t-shirts (or jerseys, sweatshirts and more) into keepsake blankets, approached The Motherhood about collaborating on a blog campaign – and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give my shirts new life.

I collected all the t-shirts I’ve had lying around my house for years, and I asked my parents to send me the shirts from high school that I’d never been able to part with. The oldest dates to 1999, and the newest joined my t-shirt collection just last year. My search yielded 19 total t-shirts.


At Project Repat, a lap blanket consists of 16 total panels for your t-shirt graphics (at a price of just $74.99), and a twin size blanket is 24 panels for $109.99, with increasing numbers of panels in additional full, queen and king sizes. My 19 t-shirts included 14 with graphics just on the front and five with graphics on both the front and back, which allowed for 24 total panels – so I opted for the twin size. For a nominal additional fee, I also decided to request 14×14 inch squares instead of the standard 12×12 inches, since several of my shirts featured large graphics. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.34.07 AM

Before sending in my shirts, I read the instructions provided by Project Repat on how to prepare them, cutting the ones with graphics on both sides apart along the seams. I also laid out a pattern for the blanket, took a picture and added the photo to the box of t-shirts I mailed in. (This step is optional – if you don’t provide a photo, Project Repat will create a pattern for you.)

Here is the blanket that was returned to me just a few weeks later, 24 t-shirt panels (with the bottom left corner folded up to show the black fleece backing). For size reference, this is a twin blanket with 14×14 inch panels laid out on a king bed:

Project Repat

This blanket represents many phases of my life, from my high school tennis team to college events, career initiatives and beyond – and I will treasure it forever. Creating a t-shirt blanket is a beautiful way to preserve memories, and it makes a great gift for a high school or college graduate in particular as they move into the next phase of their lives.

Project Repat offers the most affordable prices in the business for creating t-shirt keepsake blankets. Many of these services cost several hundred dollars, while Project Repat blankets begin at just $74.99. It is a great value and well worth it!

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