Some exciting news from The Motherhood’s Brittnee Hammonds:

I’m so happy to share that The Motherhood team is growing … by ten little fingers and ten little toes!  We’ll be adding a boy to the mix when my husband and I welcome our first baby this summer. We’re so thrilled and can’t wait to meet our sweet little one in just a few months!

As a planner by nature, I began researching infant gear almost right away. As probably any first-time mom can attest, the options seem endless, and it’s difficult to know what is a must-have, a nice-to-have and what isn’t really necessary. However, one item that I knew without a doubt would be at the top of our list is a video monitor. Having the ability to see our baby anytime I want seems like an invaluable tool for my peace of mind!

When I began researching various models and comparing their features, I initially felt overwhelmed. I’ve found that there’s really no better way to narrow down the options than by turning to fellow moms for advice! As part of The Motherhood’s program with VTech, I sought the opinions of some trusted moms in our network to get their take on the VTech Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor:

“It is an excellent monitor because it is: powerful, functional and clear. I was very impressed with the picture quality on the receiver. Having the ability to see both in color as well as see at night has been a great asset for us as we keep an eye on the twins as they sleep and grow. You get a ton of value from this receiver because it is a high quality product that is very competitive as far as cost is concerned. Having such a clear picture and image has been critical to us in the use of our monitor.”
Melissa, A Sparkle of Genius

“The VTech Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. It also allows you to zoom in up to 2x to get a closer look at your little one which, as some of you probably know, is a much appreciated feature sometimes!”
Courtney, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

“Since we mainly use it at night what’s most important to me is the camera’s ‘night vision’ … I could easily see where Mason was at all times.”
Christa, Little Us

“[You can] turn the volume up really loud so you can hear them breathing. If you haven’t had a baby yet, you will be amazed how often you listen to make sure they are breathing. Stressful, but better if you can do it from another room and not risk waking a sleeping baby.”
Emily, Random Recycling

“No worries about the video of your little one—this VTech video monitor is equipped with digital transmission that’s encrypted, ensuring video and audio transmission is always private and secure.”
Emily, Baby Dickey

“One of my favorite things about the VTech Safe&Sound is that it’s sturdy. While I won’t really being trying to test this feature out, the whole parent unit really felt like it could take some rough handling from some little boys that seem to think it’s a toy!”
Danielle, Happenings of the Harper Household

“You can set the unit to alert you if the room hits a minimum or a maximum temperature as well as sound alerts, low battery and disconnection alerts. The unit can be set to vibrate as well. It also has a 1,000 foot range to reach all over your house.”
Meghan, JaMonkey

“Setting this system up was easier than setting my cell phone!”
Rita, Rita Reviews


The amazing pan/tilt/zoom feature, automatic night vision and high-resolution display on the parent unit have me sold! I feel great about the VTech Safe&Sound® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor because it’s an item that will grow with us, allowing us to add additional handsets when the time is right.

Everyone tells me that those early months go by in the blink of an eye, so I love knowing that I don’t have to miss a moment of it. If you have any advice on motherhood or your favorite baby must-haves, I’d love to hear it!

(Featured image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user William Arthur Fine Stationery.)