The year 2015 is bringing many exciting changes to The Motherhood – including a new building for our Pittsburgh office! We are thrilled to announce the move and share a few pictures. Stay tuned for additional photo dispatches on the blog and from @theMotherhood on Twitter.

Our new company headquarters can now be found in Sharpsburg, PA, in the old Fort Pitt Brewing Company building. In the early 1900s, this brewery was the leader in the local beer market, and the brand name is still remembered by Pittsburgh natives today. We love that we work from a building that has a such a rich history and tie to our city’s roots.

Welcome to the new office!

office door

Our entry wall proudly announces that we’ve moved in:

office wall

The brewery’s motto, “Fort Pitt, That’s It!” remains on our front lobby floor:

ft. pitt

One hundred years ago, these offices were filled with the (likely all-male) executives of the brewing company, and now the space is occupied by a company owned and operated by women. What a difference a century makes:

office entry

Next week the whole team will be together to celebrate the new office space and discuss a few changes for The Motherhood in the New Year. We look forward to sharing additional news!