Every mom knows that life is unpredictable; schedules change last-minute, messes are made at the most inconvenient times, and kids constantly say the darnedest (and sweetest) things! With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re taking a moment to celebrate motherhood through the eyes of kids!

Our influencers recently gave us hilarious and precious quotes that their kids shared about them as moms. We absolutely loved what they had to say. Do any of these sound familiar to you?
mother's day post

Fadra, All Things Fadra

“My daughter always says, ‘You’re the best mom IN ALL THE LAND’ (Disney emphasis, of course).” – Leanne, Rave & Review

“I asked them what they thought would happen if I didn’t do my job as a mom for one day. My oldest said, ‘We’d all die!'” – Shell, Things I Can’t Say

Jennifer, Engineer Mommy

Donna, Blog by Donna

“My 5-year-old: ‘I love you mom, even if you aren’t that smart. I mean, you forget things sometimes, around the house. And maybe you suffer from short-term memory loss? I don’t know. I love you anyway.'” – Marie, Marie Osbourne

“Mom, you are legit.” – Kasandria, Southern Bella’s Ways

Stephanie, Beauty Brite

“My daughter wants to be a blogger and ‘the best cook like me’ when she grows up.” – Bianca, Ella B Styles

Rita, Rita’s Reviews

Happy Mother’s Day! What’s the funniest thing your kids have said about you as their mom?