When I start feeling overwhelmed by my day – the endless to-do list, emails that never stop, piles of laundry, all those little obligations that soak up every last minute of free time – I stop, close my eyes, and imagine lying on a beach without a care in the world.


Sometimes you just need a vacation, even if it’s all in your head, to help you relax and “thin out” your day.  And sometimes you need a REAL vacation to “thin out” your life!


The Motherhood has been working with Sargento on this summer’s Thin to Win Facebook Challenge, in honor of their brand-new Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese.  Just as you can thin your calorie intake, you can take action to thin your life by decreasing the day-to-day stress and clutter.


Today’s Thin to Win challenge on the Sargento Facebook page is all about making time for you: “Vacations are a great way to thin out a busy schedule! Today, we challenge you to put spare change in a jar to begin saving for your dream trip. Tell us where you want to go and send us a picture of the jar for the chance to win $500 for your next trip!”



I collected all of my quarters to start a vacation fund – I’m going to have to pick a bigger jar, but this is a start!  I’m saving for a trip to Florida, to make my mental beach a reality.  Where would you go?  Let Sargento help you start saving, and post a picture of your change jar on their Facebook page.  Check back daily for new contests and prizes.