In 2015, The Motherhood executed a campaign supporting the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, where 20 bloggers initiated a conversation about Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) “Power of Clean” and drove video views, helping to deliver a donation of 126,000 days of clean water to children in developing countries.

Power of Clean

Credit: Life Rearranged

The Motherhood was tasked with developing an online influencer strategy to raise awareness of the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and help drive views of a branded video, which, when shared, would trigger donations of clean water. Specifically, P&G wanted to highlight a water purification technology that P&G scientists invented, called the P&G Purifier of Water packet, and the work that P&G is doing to provide clean water to those who need it around the world.

Leveraging a hand-selected influencer team composed of 20 bloggers, The Motherhood executed a blog and social media tour, Twitter party and participation in a Thunderclap initiative on behalf of P&G.

Quick look at results:


Breakdown of results:

The distribution of 20 P&G water purification kits to The Motherhood’s team of influencers resulted in 20 video demonstrations of the P&G technology, 20 blog posts and more than 2,000 social media posts, garnering more than 55 million total impressions. In addition, the team joined nearly 300 participants online for a one-hour Twitter party hosted by The Motherhood, delivering approximately three times the average number of Twitter party impressions with 38,015,664.

In addition to implementing a successful blog and social media program to grow awareness of the P&G water purification technology, the blogger team donated their voices and efforts to the #PowerofClean Thunderclap effort, growing the reach of the initiative to nearly half a million and helping to achieve 107% of the original participant goal.

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Top photo credit: Allison, All of the Boys