The Motherhood and a financial client shared easy ways to save $500 in seven days.

Recently, a financial non-profit organization approached The Motherhood to help amplify the conversation about the company, particularly around a promotional savings challenge it was launching: a free program featuring expert tips and tricks, advice, and daily challenges to help users save $500 in just one week.

The Motherhood organized, implemented and managed a five-person blog tour and social media campaign on behalf of the client with bloggers who expressed interest in personal savings and financial success.

In order to create engaging and authentic content, each blogger signed up for and completed the savings challenge, which provided them with daily emails containing vital information and tips for financial success that they could share with their readers.

All five bloggers were proud of their success with the program and encouraged their readers to check out the challenge to start saving. The bloggers’ communities, in turn, were highly engaged, as many shared their personal savings goals.
Overall, the five-blogger campaign garnered more than 7.6 million impressions and more than 1,150 social engagements (likes, comments, shares). The campaign also generated a 19.2x return on investment. The client reported that The Motherhood’s influencers drove roughly 3,000 clicks directly from the campaign, with nearly a 40 percent conversion rate during the promotional period alone.
With a recent study from The Halverson Group reporting that the lifespan of a blog post is approximately 24 times longer than the standard 30-day unique monthly view reporting metric, this campaign still has plenty of life left!