The Motherhood shares takeaways from Social Media Week Chicago 2016.

The Motherhood recently had the opportunity to participate virtually in Social Media Week Chicago 2016, where industry leaders shared trends, best practices and insights for online marketing. Read on for the second installment of our multi-part series on takeaways from the event!

In 2017, it’s predicted that 74 percent of all internet traffic will be video (Syndacast). And as Heather Taylor, Director of Creative Strategy for The Economist, mentioned at Social Media Week Chicago, 53 percent of marketers are making more videos to draw in prospects and help them understand the value of marketers’ content.

Social Media Week Chicago

Maia McCann, Editor in Chief of LittleThings, delved into the science behind shareable videos. Through extensive testing of their content (which consists of 70 percent original, licensed material and 30 percent curated material), LittleThings has found a recipe for success for their site’s content.

What goes into that testing? They look at the sourcing, keywords, trend analytics (what has performed well historically) and performance metrics (shares, likes, time spent on site and engagement).

LittleThings also creates three different cuts of the same video (involving cameras at different angles), which does not cost extra, and tests these edits to see which garner the most views and shares.

Some additional tips and takeaways McCann shared include:

  • For recipe or DIY videos, get to the heart of the matter within the first 1.5 seconds of the video.
  • Video consumption on Facebook in the mobile era is different than traditional media. In fact, 85 percent of Facebook native videos are viewed without sound.

Social media week chicago

In a session on moving consumers from awareness to sale, Kyle Dardashti and David Yarus of mllnnl explained that user-generated content – including videos – is extremely effective when targeting millennials. In fact, they’ve seen incredible performance from videos that aren’t overly polished and that look like their friends or peers created them.

The mllnnl co-founders also advised marketers to use video to help consumers warm up to their brand, and then target those who have seen that video with a conversion-focused ad.

Check out our blog post on Facebook Live video tips for more video inspiration, and read our first post from Social Media Week Chicago here. Stay tuned for more Social Media Week Chicago takeaways!