For our October Spotlight Blogger, we wanted to shine a light on Jackie with I Heart Arts n Crafts — a mom of two, and, as you may have guessed, craft blogger extraordinaire whose easy tutorials can help you make some wicked pumpkin crafts and decorations this season! She is also a champion for Tracheosophageal Fistula/Esophageal Atresia (TEF/EA), a birth defect her son was born with (although it hasn’t stopped him from being an active and great big brother!).

Read more about Jackie’s insights on DIY blogging, social media and the influencer marketing industry in our Q&A:

What do you feel is the #1 trend in influencer marketing in 2017?
Facebook Live and videos seem to be huge lately and brands love it. I’ve just started tackling Facebook videos, and Facebook Live is on my to-do list.

What content do you feel your readers find most valuable?
Simple crafts that they can do with their children at home using things around the house. I’ve found the easiest crafts are always the most popular.

Tell us why you blog.
When I started blogging three years ago, it started off as a creative outlet for me while I was staying home with my son. It was more of a journal where I shared any craft projects that I was doing with my children. It wasn’t until about six months into it that I realized I could monetize my site and I started turning it into a business.

Where do you find inspiration for new blog posts?
I find inspiration everywhere! When I’m not feeling “crafty,” I usually go to the craft store to browse supplies or I find the most inspiration from my kids and their artwork and ideas.

What is your favorite space to engage with your readers?
My favorite place is Facebook. I absolutely love getting messages from my readers or posts on my wall with pictures of my crafts coming to life, and hearing how much fun their kids had doing it just makes my whole day!

Where do you see the most engagement with your content?
Facebook and Pinterest.

What’s the #1 question you’re asked by your readers, and what’s your answer?
I’ve gotten asked how to start blogging more times than I can remember. I always tell them to write about something they’re passionate about. I also have a “How To Start A DIY Craft Blog” page with step-by-step instructions on getting set up!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog?
Focus on being yourself and write about what you love. If you write about something you’re passionate about, you’ll do great!

What are your thoughts on programs measured by initial click-through rates?
I have a love/hate relationship with them. I understand the need for them and have had success doing a few but I’ve found that they can turn the readers away and the post can sound less authentic.

What are your thoughts on working with a brand on multiple occasions (vs. one-off programs)?
Working with a brand on multiple occasions is great! It’s the best way to form a lasting relationship with the brand.

What are your thoughts on online coupons?
Coming from an avid couponer, I love them!

What are your thoughts on Snapchat?
I have it downloaded on my phone, but I haven’t gotten past using the filters on the camera. I haven’t ventured too much into it because I don’t feel like it’s the best platform for my niche.

2017 is the year of ____:

Influencer marketing is ____:
The future. Influencer marketing does so well because people can relate to them more than just watching an advertisement on TV.

What trend or platform is on its way out?
Google Plus.

Favorite program you’ve done with The Motherhood?
Chick-Fil-A, hands down! We had so much fun at the Children’s Museum!

What should brands start doing (better) when working with bloggers?
Let bloggers be more creative. The campaigns where I had full control sound the most authentic and always perform the best!

For more about Jackie, and for some amazing craft inspiration through I Heart Arts n Crafts, check out her blog or Pinterest page! 

I Heart Arts n Crafts

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