The Motherhood has always prioritized finding inspiration together, and as a team in 2017 we made a commitment to do outside, creativity-inducing, fun activities regularly. Every month, we’ve planned an outing or activity together to fuel team creativity and boost overall morale. If you’re looking to do the same within your company, here are a few tried-and-true ideas from our wonderful team at The Motherhood:

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (or another favorite sporting event)!

Who doesn’t love watching a good game with fun food? Depending on where you live, it is especially nice to take advantage of warmer weather when you can. So gather up your work team to cheer on your favorite sports team together. We always aim to include our significant others, family and kids!

The Motherhood is cheering on their home team, the @pittsburghpirates! #letsgobucs

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Nature Break 

It can be easy to work through lunch, but don’t let that be the norm every day. This summer, The Motherhood team chose a day to pack our lunches and head out to a nearby riverfront park to enjoy sunshine and food together.


Meditation has countless benefits, including increased immunity, better sleep and greater focus. This spring, our team tested it out by attending a local meditation class. It was a first for many of us — and a great learning experience. If meditation isn’t your thing, check out what other community classes are available to you.

Books and Coffee — Two Big Faves. 

What better way to encourage reading than a book club? For one of our creative outings, The Motherhood headed to a trendy coffee shop in Pittsburgh to sip on lattes and share with each other what we’ve been reading. We were easily inspired simply by listening to all of the different books the team had been reading!

Pick Up A Hitchhiker (Beer!) 

Our latest creative break included a happy hour with our new Sharpsburg neighbors at Hitchhiker Brewing! We loved trying their tasty selection of beers, and welcoming a new, super cool and innovative business to our neighborhood.

We’d love new ideas. How do you inspire and boost team creativity?