With Thanksgiving turkeys cooked and eaten, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales winding down, we at The Motherhood are thrilled Giving Tuesday is happening tomorrow!

Now in its second year, Giving Tuesday has more than 8,000 Partners participating in this national day of giving. We hope you will join us in the celebration!

Two weeks ago, The Motherhood kicked off 12 Days of Giving with some incredible bloggers in our network, and in honor of Giving Tuesday, they’ve shared wonderful tips, ideas and anecdotes about their own give-back activities with their families and what giving means to them.

Tésa of 2 Wired 2 Tired shopped for school supplies with her kids to donate to Operation Christmas Child.

Tésa of 2 Wired 2 Tired shopped for toys and necessities with her kids to donate to Operation Christmas Child.

Janel of A Mom’s Take suggested buying toys on clearance throughout the year and donating them to kids in need during the holidays, and Jessica of Look Who Found the Marbles provided a handy gift guide of “gifts that give back,” so you can make donations simply by purchasing gifts for your own loved ones.

Even small donations make a big difference, as Liz of A Nut in a Nutshell noted in her post about donating toiletries and diapers to a local homeless shelter: “The mother who needed those diapers came right up to me with excitement and to express her thanks and gratitude. It was such a small donation on my part, but it made a difference to someone who desperately needed an item most of us take for granted.”

Of course, one valuable aspect of giving back during the holidays and year-round is the opportunity to teach your own kids about the importance of helping others. When Tiffany of Stuff Parents Need and her young daughter shop together for Angel Tree, a charity that provides holiday gifts to local children in need, she makes it a teaching moment: “This is when I talk with my child about how one thing it is important to do as a human is take turns helping out one another. Then I help her remember all the ways that people help us in our lives … After I help her recall how others give to us and how wonderful that feels, I explain that it is our turn now to give to someone else.”

If the idea of Giving Tuesday is a bit overwhelming, take this advice from Tracie of From Tracie: “Giving isn’t about how much you have – it is about meeting a need that crosses your path. Helping to meet one need, even a small one, makes a difference.”

One simple way to participate in Giving Tuesday is to take a photo and post it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #unselfie. Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring took this #unselfie photo to highlight one of her favorite causes!



Another way to participate in Giving Tuesday is to use the toolkit and logos to post about Giving Tuesday to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or your blog!

To read the other gorgeous posts about Giving Tuesday, you can click here for a full list of links. From The Motherhood to you, we hope you have a lovely holiday season, and happy giving!