Today, approximately 7.3 million pairs of would-be parents (1 in 6 couples) in the U.S. have difficulty conceiving, and most treatments are slow, invasive and costly. To help address this widespread issue, Rinovum Women’s Health, approached The Motherhood about a partnership to bring attention to the new over-the-counter availability of a product called The Stork OTC conception aid, a less invasive, less expensive treatment option for those trying to conceive (previously only available via prescription).

We engaged a team of 30 bloggers comprised of moms who experienced difficulty conceiving and could offer a personal perspective or had a special interest in writing about fertility and sharing options with their readers. In partnership with the team of talented bloggers, The Motherhood executed a three-phased blog tour that generated a collection of meaningful blog posts and created a robust dialogue about infertility.

The Motherhood also produced and hosted two one-hour Twitter chats: one to help build awareness as soon as The Stork OTC appeared on store shelves and online, and one later in the program to continue momentum.

The program resulted in more than 57 million impressions from 34 blog posts and more than 8,000 social media posts. The final month of the campaign alone generated more than 5,000 unique website visits from one single blogger, with more than 16% of those visitors prompting online retailers to sellout of the devices within 24 hours.